Wedding erotic underwear photos

Why wear sexy underwear in wedding photos?

Traditional wedding photos are usually mainly played with noble and elegant wedding dresses.However, in today’s society, more and more newcomers tend to add erotic underwear elements to wedding photos. This is because sexy underwear can add a romantic and sexy atmosphere to the photos, making the photos more personalized and unique.charm.

How to choose a suitable wedding sexy underwear?

When choosing a wedding lingerie, you need to consider the style and color of the wedding dress, as well as your own figure.If the wedding dress is on the shoulder strap, select a sexy underwear with adjustable shoulder straps to better show the chest lines.If the color of the wedding dress is lighter, it is recommended to choose a sexy or light sexy underwear to avoid affecting the overall visual effect.

What kind of sexy underwear is suitable for taking pictures?

When choosing a wedding sexy underwear, you can choose some simple style, smooth lines, and fresh colors. This is easy to highlight the highlights of the wedding dress.In addition, elements such as lace, chiffon, and flowers are traditional sexy underwear elements, which can increase the overall sense of detail.

The matching skills of sexy underwear and wedding dresses

For the matching of wedding erotic underwear, the overall coordination and visual effects need to be considered. The color can be similar and different, or the color is based on white and skin color.underwear.

How to choose the size of sexy underwear?

The standards of sexy underwear and ordinary underwear are slightly different.The design of sexy underwear is often tighter. When choosing, it is recommended to choose a size larger than usual. This is easy to move and avoid embarrassing situations such as drooping.

Wedding sexy underwear making materials

Wedding sexy underwear is made of cotton, silk, lace, chiffon and other materials.Among them, lace and chiffon are common sexy underwear materials. Its soft texture and beautiful patterns can add more artistic atmosphere to shooting.

How to maintain wedding sexy underwear?

Wedding sexy underwear is more delicate, so it needs to be more careful to maintain.The cleaning agent is required when washing, and a relatively soft washing solution is used. At the same time, avoid machine washing and using a dryer, so as not to cause unnecessary damage to sexy underwear.

How to wear sexy underwear at the wedding scene?

At the wedding scene, you need to pay attention to the following points when wearing sexy underwear: First, choose comfortable underwear, it is best to choose a sexy lingerie without steel rings and shoulder straps to increase comfort; second, you need to coordinate with the wedding dressThe consistency with the visual effect; the third is that when changing underwear, you must pay attention to protecting privacy and choose a quiet and independent environment to change.

The display of sexy underwear at the wedding scene

At the wedding scene, the bride needs to be properly guided according to factors such as occasions, atmosphere, light and other factors when wearing sexy underwear to avoid excessive or too little exposure.The design elements of sexy underwear can be cleverly integrated into the design of the wedding dress, so that the entire dressing is more coordinated.


Wedding sexy underwear plays a very important role in weddings and shooting, which can increase the atmosphere and personalized charm of the entire wedding.Choosing a wedding dress that suits you not only considers comfort and visual effects, but also needs to pay attention to maintenance and wear skills.I hope that the introduction of this article will be helpful for you to choose and match with wedding sexy underwear.

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