Wearing a sexy underwear and the video is not blocked by the video

Wearing a sexy underwear and the video is not blocked by the video

Wearing a sexy underwear is a thing that makes women feel confident and sexy.However, if you want to make sexy underwear more useful in sex, you may need some help to ensure that it will not be removed.In this article, I will share some skills about wearing a sexy underwear to be blocked by video, so that you can glow with sexy charm.

Choose a size that matches the figure

If you want to make sure your sexy underwear is not removed, you first need to choose a size that matches your figure.Too tight or too wide underwear is not suitable, and may slip or roll.Therefore, when buying underwear, you still need to try a few more sizes until you find a suitable one.

Choose a suitable style

Different erotic lingerie styles are suitable for different people.Some underwear may be too complicated, it is difficult to get rid of it quickly, while others are more convenient.Choosing a style that suits you can help you put and take off your sexy underwear more conveniently and comfortably in the process of sex.

Try to avoid too many details

Although the design and shape of the sexy underwear are becoming more and more strange, when choosing one that suits you, try to avoid too many details. Too complex sexy underwear will make people feel difficult when it takes through. It is not convenient to wear it in sex.Essence

Consider fabrics and quality

Good fabrics and materials can greatly affect the comfort of sexy underwear.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, pay more attention to fabrics and quality, and choose some high -quality and comfortable underwear, which is very important for wearing and use.

Choose suitable sexy underwear color

Colors can affect the effect of sexy underwear.Some colors are not suitable for some people, and make sexy underwear lose some charm.Choosing the color suitable for your skin color can make the underwear more prominent and sexy.


Matching is also the key. It is properly matched with other elements such as sexy underwear and clothes, which can make you more attractive in sex.You can refer to fashion magazines or sex tutorials to learn how to match carefully, so that your sexy underwear creates greater results.


If your sexy underwear cannot be worn tightly, or the slits are large, you can consider using glue to bring fixed and maintain a tighter state.Make sure the tape used is soft and does not cause damage or discomfort to the skin.

Keep a stable state

It is very important to maintain a stable state after wearing a sexy underwear.If sexy underwear is always unstable, it may take off in sex.Therefore, in the process of dressing, be sure to set up shoulder straps as much as possible, arrange underwear edges, etc. to avoid the whole sexy underwear decline.


Wearing erotic underwear is not blocked by videos, you need to consider multiple aspects.Starting from a number of factors such as size, style, fabric, color, and careful matching, you can make you more confident and charm in sex.Choose a suitable and accurate sexy underwear to enjoy more fun sex!

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