Wear sex underwear several times a month

1 Introduction

As an important way of sexy underwear, it has attracted more and more attention and favor in modern life.However, many people have always been confused about the frequency of sexy underwear, and there is no clear answer.

2. Depending on the situation

The frequency of wearing sex underwear should be based on personal actual situation.For example, the needs of marriage, personal hobbies, etc.Not everyone needs to wear sexy underwear every day, and some people can not wear it for a week or longer.If you want to enhance your interest, you can determine the frequency of wearing sexy underwear according to your actual situation.

3. Objects to wear sexy underwear

When wearing sex underwear, you need to choose different underwear according to the occasion.For example, wearing some more exposed and sexy sexy underwear before going to bed or with a partner.In formal occasions, try to choose more conservative options to avoid embarrassment.

4. Compassion is important

Whenever and wherever, when choosing to wear sexy underwear, the comfort of the underwear is very important.Wearing uncomfortable underwear will not only cause adverse psychological effects, but also easily cause health problems.So when choosing a sexy underwear, you must choose the comfort that suits you.

5. Make sure the underwear is clean and hygienic

When wearing a sexy underwear, make sure the underwear is clean and hygienic.Washing and disinfection must be carried out after each use.If the texture of the underwear does not support machine washing or drying, it should be washed and dry according to the instructions of the washing to ensure the cleanliness and comfort of the underwear.

6. Choose the style of the underwear that suits you

There are many styles of sexy underwear, and each person’s body and temperament are different. Therefore, when choosing underwear styles, you must choose according to your needs, body and temperament.Don’t blindly pursue style and popular trends to avoid inappropriate situations.

7. The relationship between quality and price

There is a certain relationship between the quality and price of sexy underwear.Choosing a high -priced underwear can ensure the quality, and it is also an investment in yourself.But not all expensive underwear must be good, so when choosing underwear, it is necessary to measure whether it is worth buying according to the quality of the underwear itself.

8. Storage and maintenance of underwear

The storage and maintenance of sexy underwear is also very important.Put the underwear in a dry and ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight and humid environment.At the same time, the material of the underwear also determines its maintenance method, and it is necessary to perform correct maintenance and maintenance according to the material of the underwear.

9. Replacement of underwear

Even high -quality sexy underwear needs to be replaced regularly.After wearing it for a while, the elasticity and comfort of the underwear will decline, so it must be replaced regularly.At the same time, it is necessary to replace it in time for inappropriate or damaged underwear.

10. Viewpoint: Select the right frequency according to your own situation

In summary, the frequency of wearing erotic underwear should be selected according to personal circumstances.When wearing sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to comfort and hygiene, and choose different underwear styles according to the occasion.In short, take your own situation as the starting point and choose the frequency of underwear that suits you best.

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