Wear sex underwear and boyfriend on the balcony

Wear sex underwear and boyfriend on the balcony

A sexy erotic underwear is not only to make you a temptation in bed, but also allows you and your partner to experience happiness on more occasions.For example, watching stars, chatting on the balcony, or like a brave girl, a stimulating love on the balcony.Let’s introduce the skills of having sex with a sexy underwear and boyfriend on the balcony.

1. Choose the right sexy underwear -to the end

If you want to have sex with your boyfriend on the balcony, you must first put on a sexy sexy underwear to make sexy to the end.It is very important to choose the right sexy underwear. You can try some lace and transparent styles, which are charming and not too exposed.

2. Bring lavender -add points to romance

It is very important to build the balcony into a romantic place. At this time, you can put some flowers on the balcony, and the aroma of lavender exudes the lavender in the room can create a romantic atmosphere.

3. Adjust your mood -don’t let the small things destroy the atmosphere

It is very important to maintain a good mood before having sex.You can try some relaxed activities, such as watching movies and relaxing your body and mind, making your emotions relax and happy.Don’t let small things destroy a good atmosphere.

4. Pay attention to safety -ensure that it is not disturbed

When having sex on the balcony, it is very important to pay attention to safety.Before starting, make sure that your balcony doors and windows are closed and will not be disturbed by people who do not want.If allowed, you can pull up the sunbath to make the balcony more comfortable and safer.

5. Choose the right position -to avoid the place where the crowd gathers

It is also important to choose the right position.Avoid choosing places where people gather.Some places with high trash bins or air -conditioning aircraft on the balcony are very unsuitable. You should choose a quiet and hidden position so that everyone can be crazy.

6. Make sure privacy -avoid being seen by neighbors

Although some stimulus things can be done on the balcony, we must also pay attention to protecting the privacy of ourselves and partners.Try to choose a position that a neighbor cannot see, the mystery is more conducive to increasing enthusiasm, and enjoying this happiness with the hazy night.

7. Use appropriate sound -don’t be heard by others

When having sex on the balcony, keep as quiet as possible, and don’t disturb your neighbors without noise.Do not cross the railing, otherwise it may cause unnecessary attention.

8. Use sex toys -increase the sense of stimulation

On the balcony, trying slowly and affectionate flirting and kisses can increase the feeling of physical contact and enhance sexual stimulation and emotional communication.At the same time, you can also use sex toys, such as handcuffs, mouthball, etc., to increase the sense of stimulation and better enjoy happiness.

In general, sex on the balcony needs to imagine, innovation, passion, and interest, but also pay attention to safety, strength, and privacy.If you can fully utilize the venue, the advantages of sexy underwear, environment and atmosphere, you will have a rainbow -filled and passionate sexual enjoyment.

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