Use the smallest sexy underwear

1 Introduction

Interest underwear is a must -have for women. It can not only satisfy their desires, but also bring stimuli and surprise to partners. Therefore, market demand is very large.However, the design of some fun underwear is too complicated, and there are many materials, which leads to uncomfortable dressing, and the price is also very expensive.Therefore, what we want to discuss today is how to make sexy underwear with the least cloth, which is affordable and comfortable.

2. Material preparation

You can choose silk, lace, cotton and other materials for fabrics for sexy lingerie, but pay attention to choose soft, comfortable, breathable fabrics.In addition, some auxiliary materials such as sticking, zipper, loose bands are needed.

3. Lares on buttocks with sexy underwear

The design of this sexy underwear is to be less, as long as the lower body is covered.The fabric can be made of soft materials such as lace and cotton, and at the same time, the underwear is used to make the underwear more personal.This design has good breathability and comfortable wear, especially suitable for summer wearing, is a classic design style.

4. Half breasts less cloth sex underwear

The design of this sexy underwear is also pursuing less cloth, only retaining the part of the chest.At the same time, you can use fabrics such as lace, cotton, and auxiliary materials such as bonding, zipper, etc., so that the underwear is more personal and difficult to fall off.Although the design seems simple, the sexy degree of this sexy underwear is not inferior to other styles.


T -shaped and less fun underwear is a more popular design in recent years. It can not only meet the visual sexy, but also protect the sensitive parts.The design only retains the T -shaped part, using lace, cotton and other materials to make the underwear softer and comfortable.

6. Through -in -line sexy underwear

Compared with the T design, the doco design is more open and can show more skin.However, it only retains the T -shaped part, using cotton, lace and other materials to increase softness, and at the same time use a loose band to fix underwear.The design of this sexy underwear is relatively avant -garde, especially suitable for young women to wear.

7. LACE UP less cloth sexy underwear

LACE UP has the simplest design of sexy underwear. Only some thin band fixation. Use cotton, lace and other fabrics, which are highly flexible and can be adjusted according to your figure.This kind of sexy underwear not only guarantees comfort but also has a certain degree of sexy.

8. Comb with less fun underwear

The design of this sexy underwear is relatively unique. It uses metal comb as a bracket, which is very relaxed and comfortable to wear.The fabric can use lace, cotton, etc., and choose different styles of comb design according to your own needs, which can increase sexuality and ensure comfort.

9. Three -dimensional less clothing underwear

The design of this erotic underwear is very clever. It uses three -dimensional tailoring technology to intersperse a small amount of fabrics together, which not only guarantees the support, but also reduces the loss of the material.This sexy underwear material can be made of soft materials such as cotton, lace, etc., which is quite comfortable to wear.

10. Summary

The design schemes of these less fun underwear are simple and practical, which not only guarantees wearing comfort, but also has a certain sexy.Of course, the choice of underwear depends on its own body shape and needs.In short, no matter what kind of design, as long as you choose the materials and styles that are suitable for you, you can wear your own unique charm.

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