The Republic of China sex underwear students pretend to be girls

The Republic of China sex underwear students pretend to be girls

In China during the Republic of China, sexy underwear, as a symbol of fashion, was loved by women.Student clothes are one of the very popular type of sexy underwear, which are considered necessary by many girls.This article will introduce you to the characteristics of students’ fun underwear and dressing in the Republic of China.


During the Republic of China, students’ dressing underwear mainly used vertical types. The clothes were about below the knee. The hem was decorated with some small lotus leaf edges, making the whole clothing more playful and cute.In addition, the students’ sexy underwear also uses transparent materials such as mesh eye to make the body curve more three -dimensional.


During the Republic of China, women often paired with a pair of high heels or leather shoes when wearing students’ sexy underwear. At the same time, they also combed a tall ball head or a flower on the hair, which looked younger and cute.

Use occasion

Students are suitable for wearing some casual occasions, such as friends gatherings, shopping, etc.In addition, it is used in some special theme parties or fun games.

Selection of color

The color selection of students’ coloring underwear is generally bright or light -colored.For example, pink, blue, green, etc. These colors will be more in line with the young and stylish atmosphere of students.

Size matching

Under normal circumstances, the size of students’ sexy underwear is relatively small, which is generally suitable for girls with waist circumference between 60-70cm.However, because the living conditions were not superior enough at that time, the production process was not as refined as it is now, so it is not ruled out that some students have a small size in the sizes of sexy underwear.


Because students are mostly transparent materials for students’ coloring underwear, they must pay attention to using professional detergents when cleaning, while not being scrubbed too much, so as not to cause damage to the quality of the clothes.In addition, pay attention to the environmental conditions during storage to keep dry and ventilated.

For people

The applicable people of students ‘favorable underwear are mainly young women. For women who love to dress up and try different fashion trends, students’ outfits are a good choice.


Although students’ sexy underwear has entered the long river of history, fashion will always return.Nowadays, more and more brands have also begun to launch a style similar to students’ sexy underwear to pursue retro fashion style.I believe that in the near future, students’ sexy underwear will become a fashion choice for women again.

The above is the introduction and analysis of girls’ clothes for students in the Republic of China.I hope that these knowledge can help you better understand this sexy underwear, and also hope that you can try your own unique style when wearing.

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