The president takes a sexy underwear to show me novels

Introduction: The strange requirements of the president

My name is Xiaoling, a salesperson of a sexy underwear shop.One day, the company’s president suddenly found me and asked me to recommend some sexy underwear to him.He also has a strange request: he wants to read novels with me with these sexy underwear.Although I was puzzled, I completed the task according to his requirements.In this process, I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in sexy underwear. The following is my experience.

Part 1: Beautiful Woman Fowning Underwear

From the beginning, we saw a sexy beauty sexy underwear.This sexy underwear is characterized by comfortable wearing, stylish and bold, reflecting a particularly sexy side, which is very helpful for the body’s protection and decoration.For women who want to highlight their sexy images or enhance self -confidence, beauty lingerie is a good choice.

Part 2: Sexual Emotion

Next, we saw some sexy lingerie, these sexy underwear more prominently sexy effects, including lace, hollow, low -cut design and other designs.Some special sexual sexy underwear also has a restraint, which can satisfy some people’s SM hobbies.This kind of sexy underwear is suitable for female friends with sexy, mysterious, and exploring novel feelings.

Part II

Adult sex lingerie is more exposed than the previous two sexy underwear, which not only requires sexy, but also must express sexual impulse.Generally speaking, this kind of sexy underwear is simple, the exposed part increases, and the wire and cups are significantly reduced.At the same time, adult erotic underwear also pays attention to functionality, such as the secret passage or slit of sex tools, which also meets the sexual behavior between couples.

Part 4: European and American Instead Underwear

European and American sexy underwear is unique, with a variety of styles and expensive prices. It is a representative of high -end sexy underwear. It is mostly launched by the brand of European and American countries.With European and American clothes, it has good effects, and its appearance and design have a lot of feelings like jackets. They can better set off women’s body lines and enhance women’s charm and sexy level.European and American sex lingerie also has a certain fashionability. It is very visual to match with clothing, which can make women confidently show the sexy side.

Part 5: The quality and fabric of sexy underwear

In addition to styles and styles, the quality and fabric of sex clothes will also affect the purchase experience.Good fabrics will make wearing more comfortable, personal, not easy to deform, and not easy to fade, because the fabric has the characteristics of high -density weaving, which improves the strength and comfort of the fabric, will not produce static electricity, and prevent bacteria breeding.Common fabrics include silk, lace, cotton, etc. Some fabrics can add aminoly and pool to make it more flexible and more attractive to wear.

Part 6: Size and comfort of sexy underwear

Choosing a suitable size is very important for wearing sexy underwear.If you buy too small, it will cause uncomfortable dressing, which will reduce the original "peculiarity" of sexy underwear, which is not conducive to showing sexy charm; if you buy too much, you will lose the original package of the sexy underwear, which is not conducive to highlightingBody curve.Therefore, choosing a size that suits you is one of the important factors when choosing sexy underwear.In addition, without comfort, it feels bad. It is difficult to play the role of wearing sexy underwear. Pay more attention to the production process and sewing thread details.Welcome brand.

Part 7: How to match sexy underwear

Although the style of sexy underwear is beautiful, if it is not good to wear habits and improper combinations, the whole shape will become unknown.Some simple matching skills allow you to wear more sexy underwear.If you want to participate in a party or dating, you can wear sexy underwear as outside.In this process, you need to match it with the right clothes, such as deep collar or camisole top, so that your sexy and hot traits will not be too eye -catching, maintaining a charming location details.Putting on a little sexy underwear skirt, I believe it will definitely make you the focus of faction.

Part 8: Maintenance and cleaning of sexy underwear

In fact, sexy underwear has high requirements for its quality and cleaning method.In order to maintain the appearance of the sexy underwear, special cleaning is needed. It is best to wash it at low temperature or choose a neutral detergent for cleaning. Do not dry it with a washing machine.At the same time, do not wash or dry the erotic underwear with other clothes to prevent damage.In addition, in daily life, it is also very important to keep cleaning before wearing, which can prevent the growth of shields and bacteria that can play its inclusive function.

Conclusion: The mystery of the world of sexy underwear

In general, sexy underwear is something that can bring happiness and satisfaction.Through this article, beginners can easily understand different types of sexy lingerie styles and the importance of choice, as well as understanding of characteristic sexy underwear.As long as you can catch these essentials, you can better choose your favorite sexy lingerie style and show your unique personality and charm.

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