The earliest sexy underwear catwalker show


Wearing sexy sexy underwear has always been the beautiful endorsement of women.Today, it has entered various occasions, from the lover’s bedroom to the party, from the wedding to the catwalk show.And where is the first appearance of the runway show of sexy underwear?

The earliest sexy underwear catwalker show

In 1985, a designer named CynThia Vanis launched a unique fashion show at Fashion Week in New York, USA: sex underwear show.This is a historic moment, because this is the first sexy underwear runway in the world.

lead the trend

This catwalk show is extremely successful because it breaks the tradition and leads the fashion trend.It shows a new female concept that emphasizes women’s independence and self -confidence.

The changes and unchanged on the show

Since then, the fun underwear catwalk show has become more and more popular, and the forms and characteristics have become more and more diverse.To change, the designer uses more elements, such as various fabrics, lace, feathers and accessories, etc., making sexy underwear more sexy and vivid.What is unchanged is that the sexy underwear show always maintains its iconic enthusiasm and creativity.

The effect of sexy lingerie show

The effect of sexy underwear catwalk show is obvious.They inspire people’s vision and imagination, inspiring people’s new understanding of sexy and beauty.At the same time, the erotic underwear catwalk show has also made important contributions to the development of the sexy underwear industry and the market.

Classic sexy underwear show representative

In the process of continuous development and improvement of this line, many classic sexy underwear shows appeared.Such as Victoria ’s Secret sex underwear show, La Perla sex lingerie show, and Agent Provocateur sexy underwear show.

Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Show

When it comes to sexy underwear catwalk shows, Victoria’s Secret Love Lingerie Show is the most well -known.It perfectly combines sexy underwear and fashion, becoming a popular brand.Its catwalk set is beautiful, fashionable and innovative, attracting women’s attention and pursuit of women around the world.

La Perla sexy underwear show

La Perla’s sex underwear show is also a legend.In addition to exquisite sexy underwear, the brand pays more attention to creating a unique performance effect.Every year on the show, La Perla will bring some unique and incredible visual impact to the audience.

Agent Provocateur sexy underwear show

Agent Provocateur sexy underwear show pays more attention to exploring women’s inner world of sex and love.In this brand’s catwalk show, designers can combine sexy underwear and women’s emotions more perfect.

Combined with modern fashion

Of course, with the changes of the times, the sex underwear catwood catwalk must also keep pace with the times.Modern sexy underwear catwalks are trying to launch new themes and elements, such as environmental protection, diversity, equality, and opposition to gender discrimination, etc., to create a more diversified and balanced fashion beauty.

The development trend of sexy underwear

The development trend of sexy underwear is to emphasize innovation, personalization, and diversification.Designers are breaking the past, using more diversified design, fabrics and elements to make sexy underwear into a veritable fashion category.


In the past three decades, the sex lingerie catwalk show has developed rapidly in the past three decades.As a new form of fashion, it has changed women’s knowledge of sexy underwear and inject more freedom and modernity.With more and more brands and designers participating in it, the future of sexy underwear catwalks is full of infinite possibilities.

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