Strip -opening sexy underwear

Strip -opening sexy underwear

Strip -opening sexy underwear

Interest underwear is an increasingly popular costume, because they have surpassed the basic functions and have become an important fashion element.And the strap off the sexy underwear is one of the most attractive types of.In this article, we will deeply understand this underwear, including different types, methods, suitable occasions, and how to maintain.


First of all, let’s take a look at some common types of back -ups and sexy underwear.This underwear can be divided into several styles, such as bra, bras, jackets, cats and women’s clothing, etc.Among them, dense mesh bra is the most common type. It usually contains weak coasters and easy -to -adjust shoulder straps. It is a very sexy underwear.

design style

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There are many design styles of the strap off the sexy underwear.They can have lace, mesh, leather and even metal decoration, which makes this underwear a fashion trend.In addition, the unique color and shape also make the strap open the sexy underwear a exciting fashion style.

Way of wear

Putting on a strap, sexy underwear can be worn at one time, or a way to play between couples.This underwear needs to master certain skills.Pull up the underwear slowly from the bottom up, and then adjust the appropriate size through the shoulder strap.If necessary, you can adjust the strap or the bottom adjustment band to achieve the best comfort and aesthetics.

Suitable occasion

Betlated stalls are usually not suitable for wearing in public, but they can be worn in private occasions, such as family, Valentine’s Day or dating activities.However, you must choose carefully according to the situation to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.


It is important to maintain the sexy underwear on the back zone. Pay attention to cleaning and storage.It is best to follow the washing instructions, and wash and dry it by hand.Remember, do not mix interest underwear with other clothes.It is best to store them in the cabinet to avoid damage and deformation.


The price of a strap for the sexy underwear varies from the brand, materials, manufacturing process and design style.Some high -end brands have a high price of back -ups and sexy underwear, while some cheaper brands are relatively low in price.Under normal circumstances, their price is between tens of yuan and hundreds of yuan.


material selection

Different straps are opened with different materials.The sexy underwear made of leather and cotton usually requires special cleaning methods.The sexy underwear of lace and mesh material can usually be tidy through conventional cleaning.

Method of matching

You can choose to wear with underwear jackets, such as silk suspenders, leggings and high -waisted shorts.For jackets or cat women’s clothing, you can choose high -heeled shoes to match.


Pay attention to your body size and choose the right size, material and color.Do not wear too much or over -adjusting, so as not to affect your physical health.


The strap is a stylish and sexy clothing.You can wear them to show their charm, but pay attention to reasonable use and maintenance to avoid accidents.