Slim knitwear sexy underwear

Slim knitwear sexy underwear

Slim knitwear sexy underwear

To make yourself more sexy in daily life, a slim sweater is an ideal choice.However, you may find that you need to pay special attention to your underwear when wearing this type of clothes to ensure that your image is best.In this article, we will explore the sexy underwear of slim sweater.

1. Choose the right bra

First, make sure that the bra you choose will not affect your appearance.A suitable bra should be closely fitted, and no protrusion or lines will not be left under the clothes.Try to choose a bra with a strap or a transparent strap to avoid the lines under the clothes.

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2. Simple, sexy style

Generally speaking, selective sexy underwear needs to be considered.Choose simple styles as much as possible to avoid too many fancy designs, because these styles may be revealed under the sweater.Choose a fast -and -curved underwear with sexy lines to help shape the shape.

3. Color matching

Select the color matching of your underwear and sweater.The color combined with knitted sweater needs to be coordinated to avoid excessive abrupt or discordant color combinations.If you are trying to show the style and try to choose red or black underwear.

4. Flash embellishment

The shiny embellishment can add the degree of sexy of the sweater.Metal decoration or shiny diamonds can add some unique charm to your underwear, but use it with caution to avoid the appearance of gold/silver too eye -catching and uncomfortable.

5. Material

Consider the material of the underwear, some fabrics are more suitable for knitwear.Choosing satin, lace or other thin and soft fabrics can achieve smooth and fit effects to avoid raised and protruding.

6. Low -key invisible


Knitwear emphasizes body lines, and most underwear is not designed to be seamlessly matched with knitted sweater.Some low -key invisible underwear, such as tape, fiber, patch or suspender, can allow you to worry about the lines of any underwear when wearing a sweater.

7. Keep neat

The part that exceeds the underwear when dressing will affect the appearance of your clothing and destroy the overall effect, so ensure that you choose the underwear suitable for size to minimize the exposed part of the underwear.Of course, regular cleaning and maintenance of your underwear are also necessary.

8. vest style

Finally, if you feel that your underwear is not suitable for matching sweater, you can choose a vest underwear.This underwear can cover your chest and back, achieve the effect of shaping the figure, and integrate it with the fabric of the sweater.

No matter what kind of underwear you choose, whether it is fancy or simple!Let knitted sweaters become a prominent advantage of your body, not flaws, bring sexy and pay attention to maintaining natural and cute charm.