Sexy underwear+tuning+novel

Sexy underwear+tuning+novel

What is sexy underwear?

Sexy underwear refers to a kind of sexy, seductive, and even a little erotic female underwear.Because the design of this type of underwear is inspired by various erotic fantasies, it is often used to make love games or props for tuning.

Types of sex underwear

According to the use and design style, sexy underwear can be divided into multiple categories, including but not limited to

Adult underwear: This underwear is specially launched for adults. Its design is more exposed and attractive

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Sexy underwear: This kind of underwear focuses on sexy, seductive, beautiful curves and shapes, allowing the wearers to gradually enter a good situation in the sexy or romantic atmosphere

SM underwear: Known as "the Pearl on the Crown of Instead", this underwear has strong effects, abuse, and slavery effects. It is one of the indispensable props in SM games or training activities.

The relationship between tuning and sexy underwear

In sex games or training activities, sexy underwear has an irreplaceable effect.

For example, in tuning, women may be forced to put on some sexy underwear in order to control, abuse, and adjust her.

For another example, in sex games, women may wear sexy underwear to play a certain role to achieve the effect of increasing interest, stimulating the atmosphere of the game, and increasing sexual interest.

The popularity of sexy underwear novels

In recent years, novels with the theme of sexy underwear are becoming more and more popular.This type of novel deeply portrayed the relationship between human and sexy underwear in the plot, and stimulated the desires and enthusiasm of the characters through sex underwear, showing a different world of interest.

How to choose sexy underwear?


You can choose a sexy underwear that suits you according to your needs and preferences.Generally speaking, pay attention to the following points when choosing:

Persistence comfort: Whether it feels comfortable after wearing underwear

Underwear quality: Select brand underwear with better quality to avoid wear or discomfort in too sensitive parts

Scenes and plots: Select the underwear of the right occasion to avoid improperly revealing embarrassing occasions or destroying the situation atmosphere of the situation

How to save and wash sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is generally more exquisite, so pay more attention when storing and washing:

Storage: It is best to put it in a specific box or decorative bag for storage to avoid direct sunlight and friction damage

Washing: You can wash it by hand to avoid machine washing and exposure, otherwise it will affect its use effect and life.

Future trend of sexy underwear

Interest underwear has become one of the popular elements in modern society, and its market has continued to grow.In the future, sexy underwear will develop more and more in the direction of customization and humanization.Consumers can customize a sexy underwear exclusive to their own sexy underwear according to their own personality tendency and needs, showing their unique sexy and charm.


Through the above introduction, we can see that sexy underwear is a special underwear that plays an important role in sex activities.We can choose different types of sexy underwear according to our own needs, and pay more attention when storing and washing, so as not to affect its use effect and life.In the future, sexy underwear will better meet the needs of consumers and become an indispensable element in more and more people’s lives.