Sexy underwear type diagram solution

Sexy underwear type diagram solution


Interest underwear is a underwear designed to increase sex and sexy. It not only has sexy appearance, but also has different functions.Here are several common types of sexy underwear.


Open underwear is a kind of underwear suitable for fun. It is characterized by a small hole in the pocket, which is convenient for sex without taking off the underwear.This underwear series is usually made of Modal or fiber folds, because they are soft and comfortable, and they will not restrain their bodies.

Sexual jacket

Fishnet Cut Out Bodystocking Chemise – 7168

Interesting the body clothes is a translucent tulle coat, which has a strong tolerance for the body shape, and it is very sexy.This kind of clothes are usually equipped with Liuhai and close underwear and bra. It has high visibility and can play a good stimulating role in sexual activities.

Erotic stockings

Interest stockings are sexy and sexy stockings. While showing their legs, they also have a certain visual effect.Some erotic stockings are equipped with lace lotus edges, which can create a sweet sexy.

Erotic bra

The sex bra is a sexy underwear, which makes the chest look more exaggerated and sexy.There are many kinds of fun bra, including full cups, half cups, plump hoods and parallel bra. Choosing different styles can adapt to different figures and character.

Erotic underwear

Interest panties are full of sexy underwear. It usually has more lovely patterns and personal designs, which can increase interest and opposite sexual attractiveness.Sex underwear is made of transparent materials, which can stimulate vision.There are many types of sexy underwear, and you can choose according to your own understanding and personal preferences.

Interesting lace set

Fun lace set is a sexy underwear suitable for women. It has sexy design and ingredients, which can meet the aesthetic needs of all women.The fun lace set is usually made of lace fabric and silk fabric, which is comfortable and beautiful, making people feel exciting.

Teddies & Bodysuits

Fun tight corset

Fun tight corset is a hem -shaped underwear, which has the effect of shaping the chest curve.Fun tight -fitting corset has lace lace, which is very exciting in the process of sex, which can increase the fun experience.

Interest tattoo tights

Interest tattoo tights are a translucent dress, with the design of many small holes and tattoos, which are very sexy and unique.Fun tattoo tights can make you more passionate and more tempting when you are sex.

Sex milk sticker

The sex milk sticker is a small cell plate sticking to the chest, which can make the nipple look more beautiful and sexy.The sex milk sticker is suitable for a variety of bikini clothes, wedding dresses or dressing, which can make people see the beauty and sexy temperament of your curve.

Erotic handcuff

Interesting handcuffs are a kind of versatile underwear, which makes you feel more controllable in sex.Interesting handcuffs are generally made of soft leather, which is not only exquisite and beautiful, but also elastic, which can ensure that you have a lot of mastery.


Everyone’s body and personality are different, so the expression of clothing is not the same.It is very important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you. It allows you to show different charm in your life and reflect the confidence and sexy side.Try these different styles of sexy underwear to increase your interesting life.