Sexy underwear production process video

Sexy underwear production process video

Sexy underwear production process video

Due to the sexy charm, gorgeous and chic tailoring of sexy underwear, it is more and more popular with young women.However, the production process of sexy underwear is rarely known.In this article, we will show you the production process video of sexy underwear.

1. Design and pattern selection

The sexy lingerie has different types and a variety of tricks. The first thing to do is to formulate design and patterns.Designers will consider patterns in different themes and styles, such as flowers, lace, leopard prints, etc.The selection and color matching of the pattern will affect the style and texture of the entire underwear.

2. Fabric purchase

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In order to make high -quality sexy underwear, high -quality fabrics must be purchased.Common fabrics for making sexy underwear are silk, lace, chiffon, cashmere, etc.Different fabrics are suitable for different styles and styles of sexy underwear.

3. Tailor

The purchased fabric is cut into the shape of the required shape according to the design requirements.The tailoring of each sexy underwear needs to be accurate to ensure the proportion and comfort of the underwear.

4. Sewing

Stir the tailored fabrics and sew together.The requirements of sexy underwear are superb skills, because the beautiful underwear is determined by details.When sewing, you need to pay attention to the cutting and sutures of each part, especially the details such as necklines, cuffs, pants and feet.

5. Lace processing

Lace is one of the important elements of sexy underwear, and the processing of lace needs special attention.During processing, you need to sew lace to the appropriate part of the underwear to make the underwear more sexy.

6. Jewelry matching

The jewelry of sexy underwear is also part of its exquisite.The matching of jewelry should pay attention to different themes and styles, such as inlaid diamonds, lace, silk ribbon, bow and so on.


7. Quality testing

After completing the production of underwear, strict quality testing is required.During the test, you need to check the problems of many aspects such as the color, the accuracy of the cutting, and the smooth seam.

8. Packing and selling

After strict quality testing, the sexy underwear will be packed with various exquisite boxes for sale.There are two types of sales. Most young women prefer to buy sexy underwear online.

This is the production process of sexy underwear.Due to the different styles and styles of underwear, each production process is different.But in any case, the production of sexy underwear requires superb skills and carefully considerations in various details.In general, the production of sexy underwear is very fine, which is why the price of sexy underwear is expensive.Of course, the expensive sexy underwear must be high -quality, making people feel worthwhile.