Sexy underwear is called English

Sexy underwear is called English

Sexy underwear is called English

When we talk about sexy underwear, we usually hear a variety of different other names and names.These names may be professional terms, industry terms, popular terms, or local slang.In this article, we will explore all kinds of unique English translations and meanings of sexy underwear.Here are 8 small titles:

1. Lingerie

"Lingerie" is the most common English name in the field of sexy underwear.This word originally came from French words Lingerie, which means women’s underwear.Over time, this term has gradually evolved into various sexy underwear and delicate pajamas.

2. intmates

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"Intimates" is another commonly used sexy underwear.This vocabulary usually refers to women’s underwear, such as corset, underwear, bodybuilding and suspenders.The word is more frequent in daily life.

3. Sexywear

"Sexywear" is a relatively emerging term, which mainly emphasizes the sexy and sexy attributes of sexy underwear.This term can be used to describe a variety of sexy sexy underwear such as perspective, hollowed or naked.Usually this kind of sexy underwear is designed for Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary and other occasions.

4. Boudoir Fashion

"Boudoir Fashion" is a retro saying, which originated from a decorative style of France in the 18th century.This term is usually used to describe the delicate sexy underwear, emphasizing comfort, relaxation and feminine.Common styles include lace and lace.

5. Erotic Lingerie

"Erotic Lingerie" refers to those sexy, tension and challenging sexy underwear series.These sexy lingerie styles are bold and provocative, and emphasize the sexy attributes of women.Not suitable for wearing in public.


"NaUGHTY Underwear" refers to those sexy underwear with naughty and a little humorous, which usually gives people subtle or implicitly hints.These sexy underwear often has some pranks, funny and challenges, but in general, it is still more interesting.

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7. Bridal Lingerie

"Bridal Lingerie" is a sexy underwear designed for weddings, honeymoons or special occasions.Usually this kind of sexy underwear is gentle, romantic and feminine. The common colors are white, pink or light blue.

8. Plus-Size Lingerie

"Plus-Size Lingerie" refers to those sexy underwear designed for large bust women.These sexy lingerie styles take into account the needs of large -scale women in size and design.Large -scale underwear is regarded as an emerging market in the industry and has huge potential.


Generally speaking, the names of sexy underwear have their own characteristics, and they are different from sex to romance to practicality.Whether you are choosing a new sexy underwear or when you are studying the industry trend, you can understand the meaning behind these terms and when they use it.In this case, we recommend choosing from our own needs, personal taste and body type.