Sexy underwear ice silk

Sexy underwear ice silk

Understand the concept of ice silk sexy underwear

Ice silk erotic underwear is a kind of sexy underwear made of cool, soft ice silk fabrics.Because of its comfort and breathability, it is welcomed by many women.The fiber of the ice fabric is thinner than ordinary cotton, density is larger, and the workmanship is more delicate, which can improve the overall feelings and texture of the wearer.

Advantages of Ice Silk sex underwear

Compared with ordinary erotic underwear, Ice silk sex lingerie has the following advantages:

Cooling and breathable: The ice silk fabric is full of breathability, which can keep the body cool and comfortable.

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Soft and comfortable: The ice fibers are delicate and soft, not only comfortable, but also to adapt to the body curve and improve the overall dressing feel.

Strong hygroscopicity: Ice fabrics can quickly absorb the surface of the body surface and emit them out to keep the body comfortable and dry.

Failure resistance: The density of ice fabrics is large, and its abrasion resistance strength is relatively large, which can extend the service life of the lingerie.

Suitable for wearing ice silk sex underwear

Wearing ice silk erotic underwear is suitable for the following occasions:

Summer outdoor activity: high temperature in summer, outdoor athletes are prone to sweat, wearing ice silk sexy underwear can keep their bodies cool and dry.

Sitting for a long time: Ice silk sex lingerie can provide good breathability, reduce the accumulation of heat, and prevent skin redness.

Office: When working in a dry and air -conditioned room, wearing ice silk sexy underwear can help keep your body humidity.

Ice silk sex underwear style

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There are many styles of Ice silk sexy underwear, suitable for wearing needs in different occasions.Common styles are:

Lace sexy underwear

Candy porn underwear

Academy style dirty jacket

Stockings sexy underwear

Lace even body sexy underwear

How to buy ice silk sexy underwear

When buying ice silk sexy underwear, the following aspects need to be considered:

Material: Ice silk sex underwear selects Ice fabrics with exquisite fabrics such as lace.When choosing, you can also pay attention to the stretching and flipability of underwear.

Style: Choose a style suitable for your own body and temperament to ensure that the overall dressing feels good.

Size: You need to choose the size according to factors such as your body size, shoulder width, bust, waist circumference, etc. to ensure wearing comfort.

How to maintain ice silk sex underwear

It is very important to maintain Ice silk sexy underwear.The following is the maintenance guide for ice silk sex underwear.

Washing alone: Ice silk sex underwear should be washed separately from other clothes to avoid wear and deformation.

Cleaning temperature: The water temperature should not be too high when the ice silk sex lingerie is washed, it is best to use cold water.

Gently washing: Hand washing is the best way to wash, just wash it gently with water.Avoid strenuous rubbing.

Dry: Ice silk sex underwear cannot be exposed. Please dehydrate with the underwear tray, and it can be dried.

How to match ice silk sex lingerie

With ice silk sexy underwear to improve the visual aesthetics when wearing.Here are some matching suggestions:

Corset + knitted cardigan: Make the color and style of the underwear more deeply rooted in people’s hearts, highlighting the feminine and laziness of women.

Lace Bra +silk skirt: emphasizes the translucentness of the underwear, showing women’s elegant taste and rhythm.

Lian bodywear + long coat: simplify the lines of the underwear, dye a romantic atmosphere, and deduct fashion and elegance.

Consumption value of ice silk sex underwear

Finally, we need to clarify the consumption value of Ice Silk Intellectual underwear.Although the price is relatively high, the ice silk sex lingerie has irreplaceable consumption value and collection value because of its comfort and fine workmanship.It is a cost -effective underwear product.


By understanding the concepts, advantages, advantages, and suitable occasions, styles, purchases, maintenance, matching and consumption value of wearing in Bingsi sex underwear, we can better understand the charm and value of ice silk sexy underwear.For women who want to try ice silk sexy underwear, it is necessary to understand this information. These can be obtained through market products and professional advice.As the product of the slow and slow era of Bingsi sexy underwear, it will be passed down, becoming a good way for women’s identity and emotional expression.