Sexy underwear husband response

Sexy underwear husband response

Husband’s attitude towards sexy underwear

In sex life between husband and wife, sexy underwear is a common decoration.The response of sexy underwear between a husband and wife often reflects the overall emotional relationship between the two people.What is the reaction of our male spouse?This article will explore her husband’s attitude towards sexy underwear.

No reaction

To a certain extent, this is a normal reaction.Many men do not pay much attention to women’s wear, they only show unnecessary complexity in this matter.If your husband has no response to sexy underwear, don’t rush to feel disappointed, the opposite is the opposite, which may show that your relationship is relatively stable and bland.

Not adapt to

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Not suitable for sexy underwear does not mean that her husband does not love it, which may lead to some embarrassing situation.Some men feel that sexy underwear is too sensitive, and they may make choices between the two methods of avoiding touching or expressing their views more straightforwardly.If you want your husband to adapt to this, try to introduce sexy underwear slowly instead of changing suddenly.


If your husband loves to see you in fun underwear, the relationship between husband and wife may be very beneficial.Interest underwear can make men feel more excited, which may bring new elements and changes to their sex life.This may also be a good way to adjust your relationship and increase the interaction between the two people.

Too enthusiastic

Interest underwear can enhance the relationship between the two people, but sometimes it may cause men to be too enthusiastic about this.If my husband has no control over this theme, it seems that you have to buy a lot of sexy underwear every month, which may lead to another problem, which will affect other relationships between husband and wife.If you encounter this situation, communicate with your husband to solve this problem.


Some men may feel embarrassed or shy when they see their spouses wearing fun underwear.This may be related to their own sense of security, or because of tension or uncomfortable.If your husband feels uncomfortable in this regard, try to comfort and discuss this problem to find a solution.Vertical communication is usually the best way to solve such problems.

Feel deceived

Some men may feel deceived when their spouses wear sexy underwear without them.They may feel that they are questioning thousands of daily behaviors of women when they are deceived or deceived.The feeling of fear may originate from their betrayal or other negative experiences at some point.In this case, let your husband participate in choosing sexy underwear to eliminate any questioning or fear.

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Too picky

Some men may be picky about the patterns, colors, styles and quality of sexy underwear.They may express their preferences or objections to every erotic underwear you wear, and even disagree with quality and price.In this case, communication will be the key to solution.Talk and tell them that you also need their preferences, understanding and support.

no common language

The preferences and preferences between people often vary depending on personality, culture and other factors.This is also applicable to sexy underwear.If your husband does not have a common language in sex underwear, this is not a manifestation of some serious relationship in your relationship, but the difference between your emotions and cultural concepts.In this case, try to respect the views of both sides, learn from each other, and then find a balance point suitable for the two of you.

Value of sex underwear

Although sexy underwear can have a great impact on the relationship between husband and wife, it is not all loved by two people.It is important that in the relationship between husband and wife, it is necessary to have multi -dimensional and timely communication, respect, and care, and this is essential for the establishment of the relationship between the two.

Finally, if your husband has a different attitude towards sexy underwear, please do not see it as an evaluation standard.As long as you and your husband respect each other and understand each other, your emotional relationship is always president.