Sexy underwear fabric wholesale market

Introduction: Why choose good sexy lingerie fabrics

When choosing a sexy underwear, fabric is a very important factor.Good fabrics can be comfortable and maintaining shape and cleaning.In the erotic underwear wholesale market, various brands and styles of sexy lingerie fabrics are full of.In this article, we will explore the different types of sexy underwear fabrics and how to choose the most suitable fabric.

Fabric type 1: cotton fabric

Cotton fabric is one of the most common sexy underwear fabrics.The texture of this fabric is soft and comfortable, with good breathability, strong hygroscopic, and easy to maintain and clean.Cotton underwear is usually suitable for daily wear and daily activities.In addition, cotton fabrics are still the most suitable for the choice of people who need to be sensitive to the skin.

Fabric Type 2: Silk Fabric

Silk fabric is the most commonly used fabric in the noble sex lingerie. It has the characteristics of luster, softness, brightness, comfort, etc. At the same time, it is also one of the most sexy charm and female characteristics.Silk is very suitable for sexy underwear for evening dresses and special occasions, but its care is difficult and needs to be treated carefully.

Fabric Type three: lace fabric

Lace fabric is a high -end erotic underwear fabric made of thin -line mesh fabrics.It is usually used to make female underwear because it is sexy and comfortable.Lace fabric has high craftsmanship, so its price is relatively high.It is suitable for women who want to show sexy temperament.

Fabric type four: polyester fabric

Polyester fabrics are elastic fabrics that can be stretched and kept in shape.This kind of fabric is usually very soft, light and easy to maintain, so it is one of the first choice fabrics for many sexy lingerie.Polyester fabrics are easy to maintain shape, which is a continuous and comfortable choice.

Fabric Type 5: Low -temperature foam fabric

Low -temperature foam fabric is a fabric with a good telescopic performance. It can maintain its own shape perfectly, so it is very suitable for making sexy underwear.This fabric can make a variety of shapes and lighter.The bottom temperature foam fabric is usually used to make high -end sexy underwear, so its price is higher.

Fabric Type 6: Simulation Silk Fabric

Simulation silk fabric is a kind of simulation silk fabric, which has a real silk appearance and touch.Its price is relatively low and easy to clean and maintain.Its texture is very soft, suitable for women who need shiny effects.

Fabric Type 7: Velvet fabric

Velvet fabric is a high -quality fabric on the surface, delicate and soft surface, comfortable.Velvet fabrics are often used to make fashion, high -end home supplies and sexy underwear.It is characterized by soft and comfortable, easy to clean, and feel soft at the same time.

Fabric Type 8: PU Fabric

PU fabric is a kind of artificial polyurethane material, similar to the appearance of the leather.The PU fabric is suitable for making sexual erotic underwear. It has a tight effect and can shape a slim figure. Because it is in line with the leather in terms of smoothness and texture, it is very popular in the market.More abrasion, suitable for often wearing.

How to choose the most suitable underwear fabric?

When choosing sexy underwear fabrics, many factors need to be considered, such as budgets, personal preferences, occasions, etc.We should decide the fabrics that suits ourselves according to our needs and wishes.If you do n’t know about sexy underwear fabrics, please consult a salesperson or professional underwear consultant.At the same time, you can also learn more about the knowledge of underwear materials, including ingredients, texture, breathability, comfort, etc., so as to better choose the erotic underwear fabric that suits you best.

Conclusion: It is very important to choose the right underwear fabric

When choosing a sexy underwear, fabric is a very important factor.Choosing the right fabric can make you feel comfortable, confident and sexy.After understanding different types of sexy underwear fabrics, you can make wise decisions according to your needs and preferences to find the most suitable underwear fabric.

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