Sexy underwear fabric manufacturer

Sexy underwear fabric manufacturer

Sexy underwear fabric manufacturer

At present, sexy underwear has gone through the fashion industry and gradually becomes a cultural symbol.The fabric of sex underwear has a very important position for the comfort, texture, and visual effects of the entire underwear.So, how to buy suitable sexy underwear fabrics?This article will analyze it from the perspective of fabric selection.

1. Cotton fabric

Cotton fabric is one of the most common sexy underwear fabrics. This fabric has good skin -friendly skin and high comfort. It is suitable for wearing in summer, but its elasticity is also poor, it is easy to deform, and it is not suitable for similar sexy socks and high waist and high waist.Sexy clothing such as Terryou.

2. Polyester fiber fabric

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Polyester fiber fabrics are also very common in sexy underwear. Its thin and breathable characteristics are very suitable for making sexy underwear like thin cicadas, but it is average for comfort.And the dressed experience is not very good.

3. American low elastic fabric

American low elastic fabric is a common sexy lingerie fabric for overseas. The fabric is highly comfortable and elastic. The hollow effect is very significant, and the appearance is very thin.However, this fabric is relatively more expensive, and different quality and prices are different.

4. Silk

Silk is a super comfortable, breathable and soft sexy lingerie fabric. Many couple underwear and lace underwear use silk fabrics. This fabric is suitable for wearing in winter and autumn.In contrast, the characteristics of thin and softness are also more easily damaged.

5. Elastic mesh fabric

The elastic mesh material has a certain elasticity. The unique mesh structure also makes its surface more layered and the appearance is very fashionable. Therefore, the elastic mesh material is also widely used on sexy underwear, such as sex pajamas, sexy underwear and sexy socks.In addition, the clothes of the elastic mesh are also easy to take care of, and it is easy to wash and clean.

6. Net yarn fabric

I believe that most of the mesh fabrics are seen on wedding dresses, but in fact, this fabric is also a common object on sexy underwear.It is usually displayed in black or transparent. It is suitable for wearing at night, and it can also show a super sexy feeling. It is a great choice.

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7. knitted fabric

Knitting fabrics are comfortable and elastic. Even if you choose tight -fitting body clothes or large -scale sexy European and American underwear, you don’t have to worry about the asymmetry of the body curve.Because knitted fabrics are very adaptable and their toughness is also very strong. Under such circumstances, it will flexibly close the outline of the body and crushes all physical defects.

8. Velvet fabric

Fund fabric is a relatively popular fabric in recent years. This fabric is full of plush, very soft and comfortable, and you can maintain your warmth even in cold winter.Moreover, the appearance of this fabric is very literary and artistic, and it is also an excellent choice in sexy underwear.

9. Artificial hemp fabric

Artificial hemp fabric is a relatively novel sexy underwear fabric. It is a fabric made of artificial fibers. The appearance is light and unique, very thin, and the texture is great. It is a good choice for sexy underwear and high -waisted swallows.However, it should be noted that the breathability of this fabric is relatively low, which is not suitable for wearing in a hot climate.

10. Summary and point of view

When choosing sexy underwear fabrics, you must not only consider the aesthetics of the fabric, but also consider the comfort and performance of the fabric. Different erotic underwear has different requirements on the selection of materials. You need to choose the appropriate fabric according to the actual situation.In summary, the best fabrics for making sexy underwear have their own advantages. Only according to actual needs, you can buy your satisfactory underwear.