Sexy underwear backless

Sexy underwear backless


As a special style of underwear, sexy underwear aims to add more fun and challenges to sex.Among them, the dew -free design is particularly noticeable.Next, this article will deepen the dew -free in the sexy underwear.

Definition of dew -free

Back -back free refers to the design of this kind of sexy underwear is naked on the back, and people do not need to take off their underwear to perform sexual intercourse.From the perspective of appearance, this type of underwear is basically the same as ordinary underwear, the only difference is the back design.This design can also bring a novel and sexy feeling to the wearer.

Vest -type and suspended design

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There are two types of backless designs of dislikes, namely vests and suspenders.Vest -type exposed back -free lingerie usually has a thin band from the neck to the back, and sometimes there is a more designed strap. This design can increase the degree of sexy.The suspender -style exposed backless lingerie usually has a unique shoulder strap design, and it can also be completely exposed and more sexy.Overall, these two designs are to achieve the purpose of revealing back.

Suitable for body type

Although it is sexy, it is not suitable for everyone.Specifically, women who are suitable for this type of underwear should have certain figure conditions: thin and flexible upper backs are the best, because the design of this underwear requires the shoulder strap and details to be fixed.Leave a beautiful imprint or fat.

Material selection

There are certain considerations for the choice of materials for the dew for free lingerie.Because this type of underwear is sticking to the body, the material needs to be considered as safe, soft, breathable, easy to clean, and common materials include silk, polyester, lace, etc.

Way of matching

The so -called erotic underwear is not used to go out, but to play.It is best to use the sexy underwear to use his sexy props, such as seemingly ordinary handcuffs, red long whip, unique eye masks, or irritating foods, ice cubes, etc., to achieve greater sexual fun.Of course, the specific matching method needs to be adjusted according to the preferences and personality of both parties.

Cleaning method

You need to pay special attention to the cleaning of sexy underwear.Because the material is very special and the body needs to be closely fitted, it is necessary to use a special soft detergent for cleaning.At the same time, it is necessary to avoid soaking for a long time, and it should not be placed in a dryer to avoid distortions.It is recommended to wash it by hand. After drying, use a specific underwear bag for storage.



For those who buy back -to -backs for the first time, it is recommended to buy some products with moderate prices in order to quickly understand their needs and adaptability.On this basis, you can choose more advanced products to try.


Interest underwear is a special use of underwear. It needs to be paid special attention when used to avoid negative impacts.For novices, you need to read the product manual carefully and follow the use of the manufacturer.In addition, it should not be used too frequently and should be used moderately to ensure physical health.


Overall, exposed backless lingerie has its unique design and functions, which can add a sense of freshness and excitement to sex.Of course, in order to achieve better results, you need to make more considerations in many aspects such as selection, use, and cleaning.Recommended people who buy this sexy underwear should pay attention to some small details to ensure the smoothness and joy of use.In addition, when choosing such underwear, you should also pay attention to your physical conditions and preferences to get the best experience.