Sex underwear shop owner express brother

Sex underwear shop owner express brother

The encounter between the owner of the sex lingerie and the courier brother

This is a simple story that happened in an ordinary afternoon.At the door of a sexy underwear shop, a courier brother met with a good -looking female shop owner.Their gaze interspersed in an instant, a sense of described in the air.

Chat from the courier brother and the owner

The owner asked the courier brother whether the package was accurately delivered to her shop.The courier brothers answered politely, and then left his phone number, saying that if you need to help the service, he can contact him at any time.The owner held this small note, feeling somehow excitement in his heart.

Courier’s courageous action

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In the next few days, the courier brother had a few exchanges with the owner several times.The owner found that he was more helpful than others, and he was more refreshing and generous, and he unconsciously felt a little better to him.However, as a shopkeeper, she cannot easily show her emotions.

The owner’s mind

The owner began to look for the social account of the courier brother, and wanted to know him more.She browsed his photos and circle of friends on the Internet and found that his life was very interesting. Many friends would take the initiative to participate in some public welfare activities and volunteer services.

Courier’s mind

The courier brother didn’t know what the shop owner was thinking. He just felt that she was beautiful and kind, and belonged to the deep woman.He often remembered the scene in front of the shop, and it felt very wonderful, as if this woman would leave a mark in his life.

Express little brother’s action

The courier brothers couldn’t help but call the owner of the store and asked if she had time at night.The owner answered a little free, and the courier brother invited her to eat a snack bar together.The owner was a little surprised, but he still found a chance for a night.

Dating of the owner and the courier brother

On the day of the date, the owner dressed himself very beautifully, and the courier brother also prepared a small gift.They sat together to eat snacks and chatted, and they were very happy.The owner found that the courier brother was not the legendary Playboy. He also had a deep side, a young man with thoughts.


Should the owner of the sex underwear accept the invitation of the courier brother?

This is a question that makes the owner very tangled.She has a good opinion of the courier brother, but also pays great attention to protecting her private life.She didn’t know if she should be invited by the young man, and she didn’t know if she should admit her emotional state.


In the end, the owner still accepted the invitation of the courier brother.They experienced a lot of twists and turns and warmth together, but eventually found their happiness.The story of sexy underwear shop owners and courier brothers tells us that love not only exists in fairy tale, but also may quietly come in our ordinary life.

Viewpoint: Everyone has their own stories and their own emotional experience.The story of sexy underwear shop owners and courier brothers tells us that love is regardless of age, occupation and identity.As long as you dare to pursue, you may find real happiness.