Sex underwear open file download

Sex underwear open file download

What is open underwear?

Open underwear is designed in one or more small holes in the private part, so that women do not need to take off the underwear.

Types of opening underwear

There are many types of underwear, which are divided into multiple styles and textures, such as cup types, three -point, and split type. The texture has a variety of choices such as cotton, lace, and silk.

Who is suitable for people to use open underwear?

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Open underwear is mainly suitable for women with sexual behavior experience, and at the same time, it is also suitable for couples who like to do sex and try new things.In addition, it is also suitable for those who have symptoms of urination unwell, so that it can make it more convenient to make choices in life.

How to use underwear

The following steps are required to wear open underwear: First take out the underwear, be sure to choose the appropriate size and model according to your own size.Then put on the underwear and make sure that the position is comfortable and appropriate, which will not cause discomfort and friction.Finally, enjoy the fun of sex by using the small hole in the underwear.

How to maintain opening underwear?

There are a variety of materials for opening underwear, and different materials need different maintenance methods.Generally speaking, underwear should be cleaned immediately after use, and use warm water and neutral detergent gently to avoid using bleach or strong acid and alkaline detergent.After the cleaning is completed, dry it in a natural way to avoid direct exposure or dry drying with hot air.

Hygiene health problem in open underwear

Pay attention to personal hygiene after opening underwear to avoid introducing bacteria.During use, you can choose to wear disposable pants or sanitary cotton strips to reduce the possibility of bacterial breeding.After cleaning, specific disinfection and cleaning need to be performed to avoid fabrics or stitching to contaminate other underwear and clothing.

Suggestions for the choice of opening underwear

When choosing to open underwear, women should make choices according to their needs and preferences.You should choose the size and material that suits you, and choose a specific style and design according to your personal preference.In addition, brands and ingredients are also an important factor. It is recommended to choose a brand with good reputation to ensure the safety and quality assurance of the material.

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How to measure underwear size?

The correct size of the underwear can ensure comfort and use effect.Women should perform appropriate underwear measurements to choose the correct size.The measurement needs to be paid to the following two points:

Belt: Use a steel ruler to surround the highest point of the chest, and measure the bust.

Belong: Use a steel ruler to surround the lower edge of the chest to obtain the value of the lower circumference.

How to choose the right underwear material?

Different underwear materials have different characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. Women can choose according to their needs and preferences:

Cotton underwear: comfortable texture, good breathability, but poor water absorption and warmth.

Silk underwear: high -end quality, soft texture, good breathability, but higher prices.

Lace underwear: sexy and stylish, with diverse design, but uncomfortable wearing and poor breathability.


Some people may find it very indecent, but in fact it is a product that can enhance the experience of female sex.For women who like to try new things and enjoy sex, opening underwear is a good choice.However, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning of personal hygiene and underwear during use to ensure the life of physical health and underwear.