Sex underwear nouns

Sex underwear nouns

As a sexy and seductive underwear, sexy underwear has received more and more attention and love in modern society.But for many people, many erotic underwear nouns are relatively unfamiliar.Here, this article will introduce some common sexy lingerie nouns.

One, bra

The bras are an important part of sexy underwear, so when understanding the noun of love underwear, the bras must be mentioned.The bras are divided into many different types, such as: triangle cups, flat -angle cups, water drops, full cups, and so on.These different cup types are suitable for different figures and wearing occasions, so consumers need to choose according to their needs.

Two, underwear

Like the bra, panties are also an important part of sexy underwear.There are many types of underwear.Among them are: thongs, briefs, flat trousers, T -shaped pants, and so on.Different underwear can create different sexy effects, so consumers should also choose according to their preferences and needs when buying.

Third, fun even body clothes

Interesting conjoined underwear is a sexy underwear with both bra and underwear.Different from the traditional bra and panties, the fun and the body of the body is closely combined with the two to bring people a more tempting feeling.However, due to the high requirements of conjoined underwear, consumers need to choose a size suitable for their bodies.

Fourth, stockings

Stockings are a classic accessories in sexy underwear.It can not only modify the leg curve, but also create a sexy atmosphere.However, it should be noted that the quality of stockings is high, and low -quality stockings will affect the entire image.

Five, lace

Lace is a relatively special material. Its abstract geometric patterns and exquisite carvings can bring unique sexy effects to sexy underwear.Because the lace is slender and soft, it is necessary to pay attention to its quality and breathability when choosing.

Six, leather

Leather is a more popular lingerie material in recent years.It uses the characteristics of tough and masculine leather to create a unique temperament different from other sexy underwear.It is worth noting that because the leather is not breathable, consumers need to match it reasonably when wearing.

Seven, style clothes

The so -called "SM clothing" is a kind of sexy underwear designed by imitating the clothing of BDSM culture.The style jackets usually include belts, pointed balls, handcuffs, wigs and other attributes, bringing consumers a different sexy experience.

Eight, naked lingerie

Naked underwear is a sexy underwear designed by the principle of "virtual reality". By wearing this underwear, you can create a "almost naked" feeling.However, consumers need to consider the problems of the occasion and body to avoid affecting the image.

Nine, pajamas

Although pajamas were originally worn to sleep, they also had their unique position in sexy underwear.Usually sexy underwear focuses on sexy and tempting, while pajamas pay more attention to comfort and warmth, bringing consumers with another experience that is different from other erotic underwear.

10. Viewpoint

It can be seen from the above introduction that there are many types of sexy underwear and each have their own characteristics.When buying sexy underwear, consumers need to choose according to their personal preferences and needs, and also need to pay attention to whether the quality and size of the underwear are suitable for their bodies.Choosing the right sexy underwear will bring us more beautiful experience.

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