Seed underwear shop to pick up names

Select the factors that need to be considered before the store name

To open a sex underwear store requires a good name for the store. Good store names can be impressive and may also become synonymous with the brand.Before selecting the name of the store, you need to consider the following factors:

Related to the product

Brand Positioning



Attractive and seductive

Based on brand positioning

Selecting the store name according to the brand’s positioning can make consumers understand the characteristics of the brand more clearly.For example, if the brand is emotional and elegant, you can choose some names with poetic and emotional rendering, such as "Light Fan", "Tender Honey" and so on.

With the help of unique words or combination words

You can learn from some unique words or combination words to increase the memory point of the store name.For example, the names such as "Leiya" and "Mu Si" can leave a unique impression in people’s brains.

Start with verbs or adjectives

The name starting with a verb or adjective can jump out of ordinary boundaries and leave people with bloody feelings.For example, the names of "wild", "flying", and "crazy" can make people feel happy and unrestrained.

Use numbers or serial numbers to arrange combinations

The use of numbers or serial numbers for arrangement is also a good way to name the name of the store. This is convenient for memory and enhance the popularity of the store.

Fresh and natural style

Fresh and natural styles can also become the source of inspiration for the name of the store, such as "Sunny and Rain".

Fun underwear shop name creativity

The name of the sex underwear store is an important element that reflects the overall style and characteristics of the store. The unique creative shop name can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and impress.For example, the name "hook up" can show a sexy and aggressive feeling.

Shop namely Xiangxiang customer

The name of the store can be named according to specific customers, such as "Girls’ Feelings", "Adult World", "Sexy Cat Woman" and other names to attract specific consumer groups.

Based on geographical location

Based on the geographical location where the store is located, it can not only be reflected in the name, but also deepen people’s impression of the store.For example, "Riverside Love", "Busty Street Corner" and so on.

Classic name

Fun underwear shops can also use classic names. These names may be common in other fields, but in terms of sexy underwear shops, they have a taste, such as "the magic of love" and "red face robbery".

Point of view

When you get a name for the sexy underwear shop, you must start from your own characteristics. According to the brand’s positioning, customer needs and market characteristics, a shop name that can deeply penetrates consumers.

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