Is it good to wear a sexy lingerie?

Is it good to wear a sexy lingerie?


As a representative of fashion trends, sexy underwear can not only add female charm, but also bring them a richer erotic experience.However, for women with small figure, choosing the right sexy underwear is also a challenge.So, is the little man wearing a fun underwear?Next, I will introduce some of the little tricks to wear sexy underwear.

Choose the right style

For small women, it is important to choose the right sexy lingerie style.First, choose too thick underwear, because this will make the figure look more compact.It is best to choose light and sexy styles, such as hollow, perspective, etc., which can highlight the body advantage of small children.

Appropriate size

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When choosing a sexy underwear, you must choose the right size.Too large or too small underwear will affect the effect of underwear, let alone make women very uncomfortable.If you are a small woman, you must choose the right size, which will not only make your figure look more beautiful, but also make you more confident.

Choose a suitable color

Small children can choose some bright or bright sexy underwear, such as pink, blue and other colors.This can not only increase the charming atmosphere of women, but also increase self -confidence.At the same time, you can also choose some dark and black sexy underwear, which will give people a sense of mystery and add fun experience.

Appropriate accessories

When choosing sexy underwear, you can properly match some sexy accessories, such as lace gloves, high heels, etc.This can not only increase the temperament of women, but also make the whole person look more outstanding and more eye -catching.

Grasp the proportion

If you want to put on sexy underwear in sex, you must avoid the problem of inconsistent proportions.Don’t put too much attention on the top, but ignore the matching of the lower body accessories.The jewelry such as skirts and shorts in the lower body should be coordinated with the upper body clothes, so as to make the figure more perfect.

Elected fabrics

No matter what kind of sexy underwear, you should choose high -quality fabrics, which will make the whole person more textured.If you are a woman with a small figure, then choose the right fabric, such as lace, silk, etc., which will make you more sexy and noble.

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Create your own style

Each woman has her own unique style, and sexy underwear is no exception.Small children can choose the style, color, accessories, etc. that are suitable for them according to their temperament and characteristics.This will make you more eye -catching, more outstanding, and increase your self -confidence.

Show the limb in moderation

Small women also need to pay attention to showing their bodies and limbs when wearing sexy underwear.However, excessive limbs often make small women look more petite, so it is necessary to grasp it moderately.You can show some body curves, outstanding advantages, etc., which will make you more sexy and charming.

Select combined with physical characteristics

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must also choose combined with your physical characteristics.For example, if your chest is relatively small, you can choose some filled underwear, which can make your chest fuller.If your hips are relatively flat, you can choose some high -waisted underwear, so as to highlight the hip curve.


In short, it is not difficult for small women to wear sexy underwear.As long as you pay attention to choose the right style, size, color, accessories, etc., do a good job of proportional, displaying your limbs, and combining physical characteristics, you will definitely wear sexy and beautiful styles.