Interesting underwear cheongsam leather clothes

Interesting underwear cheongsam leather clothes

Interest underwear is a fashion of modern women, and they are pursuing the perfection from the inside out.As two common fashion elements, cheongsam and leather jackets have also become inspired sources of sexy underwear design.This article will explore the styles, materials and matching of such sex underwear.

Cheongsam sexy underwear

As one of the traditional Chinese women’s clothing, cheongsam was popular in the 1930s to the 1970s. Because of its excellent visual effects, it was also borrowed by sexy underwear designers.Cheongsam sex underwear retains the traditional cheongsam skirt in the design, but the upper body uses camisole, lace and perspective elements.The camisole of cheongsam sexy underwear is very suitable for summer wear, which is cool and sexy.

Leather clothes sexy sheet

Leather is a classic fashion item. Its coolness is full of coolness, and it seems only suitable for men to wear.However, sexy underwear designers injected the design elements of leather clothes into the underwear and created the sexy lingerie.Leather’s sexy underwear uses high -quality artificial leather as fabrics, with smooth and tight outlines, reminiscent of sexy policewoman.

Lace and cheongsam

In cheongsam sexy underwear, lace is a frequent element.Lace is an elegant material that can well show women’s softness and sexy.Many erotic underwear designers combine lace with cheongsam skirts, making the entire sexy underwear more noble and charming.

Permaneous and cheongsam

Perspective is a very sexy design element that can show the beauty of the body to the fullest.In cheongsam erotic underwear, designers use perspective elements to local processing of cheongsam skirts and upper body, which is difficult to resist.

Solid color and leather jacket

Skin -coat sex lingerie is mostly solid -colored design, such as black is the most common.The texture of the black leather is very delicate, which makes people feel very comfortable. At the same time, it can also show the body’s lines to the fullest, so that the sexy and stylish combination is perfectly combined.

Rope and leather jacket

The rope is a special decorative element that leaves a simple, rough, and wild impression.In leather clothes sexy underwear, the designers use ropes as decorative elements to make the design of leather clothes more exaggerated and personalized.

Getting up and cheongsam

Most of the materials of cheongsam erotic underwear use high -grade satin and linen. These materials have high requirements for wearing. If they have no experience or have no serious match, they may have the effect of getting up.And choosing excellent underwear and accessories, as well as suitable dressing and matching methods, will make you feel as beautiful as flowers.

Qi field and leather coat

Leather’s sexy underwear is a very personal product. It exudes the breath of sexy and strong, showing the independence of women.When it is paired with ordinary underwear or socks, it will instantly destroy the entire shape. Therefore, you must choose tight pants or leather pants to match.

Sexy and cheongsam

Cheongsam erotic underwear uses many sexy elements in design, such as seductive suspenders, beautiful cheongsam flowers and bird patterns.At the same time, special designs can use the curve of the body to highlight the beautiful lines of the body and make women incompetent.


Cheongsam erotic lingerie and leather clothing sexy underwear borrowed the elements of traditional culture and modern fashion, and will become a very popular item in the sex lingerie market.Choosing the right style and accessories to create an overall shape will make you show the confidence and sexy of women, and truly become a representative of fashion women.

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