Happy New Year and Fun Plasma

Happy New Year and Fun Plasma

1. Happy New Year!

At the beginning of the New Year, I gave myself and my lover a set of sexy underwear, warm and surprising.Every woman wants to have a set of private equipment to make themselves more beautiful, sexy and charming, adding fun to sex.

2. Sexuality Fun underwear

Sexual feelings are one of the most favorite types of women.These underwear are made of tulle, lace and other exciting materials to highlight the body curve and sexy of women.They can be the best choice for couples to increase interest, or they can be a way for women to enjoy themselves.

3. Adult sexy sheets

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Adult erotic underwear is an underwear that makes people feel excited and enhances imagination.They are a clothing designed to increase interest.Adult sexy underwear covers various types and styles: such as exposure, sexy, leather, lace, handcuffs, etc., which is more suitable for those who like to try new things.

4. Lace erotic underwear

The material of lace sexy underwear is usually made of soft silk or satin, and then add jewelry or some pink decorative details to make women feel happy and comfortable.This underwear can achieve four main purposes: provide comfortable style, provide attractive appearance, enhance sexual attractiveness, and make up for the lack of sexual attractiveness.

5. No trace underwear

Warraric underwear is the underwear that is not easy to reveal the outline of the clothes. It usually uses clothes, vests or chest wrap styles.The advantage of marking underwear is not only different shapes, but also very comfortable, but also harmless to the skin, making people more confident when wearing, and can also wear tights, because there are almost no traces.

6. Transparent underwear

Transparent underwear is like its name. It is a underwear that can reveal female body curves and skin texture.This underwear has a variety of colors. The most common colors are black, white and red, and there are many materials to choose from, such as lace, mesh, silk, etc.Transparent underwear is a way to increase interest and unexpectedly, which can make the relationship between men and women more exciting and moving.

7. Girls’ Interesting Pleuel

Maid sexy underwear is a Japanese -style maid dress, and its dressing style is influenced by Japanese anime.This kind of clothing is usually made of black and white materials. It is very sexy when wearing, which can increase the taste of men and women.Suitable for people who like naughty and humorous.

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8. European and America’s sexy container

European and American sexy underwear is mostly characterized by complicated styles and delicate materials. It usually presents a bold, autonomous and open spirit, suitable for women to show themselves in private time.This underwear usually has obvious sexy elements, such as lace, transparency, etc., loose, comfortable styles, sexy, strong personality characteristics with excessive interest and romance.

9. Maintenance method of sexy underwear

The maintenance method of sexy underwear is very important.First of all, all the sexy underwear should be washed by hand, do not use washing machines or dryers.Secondly, when dealing with lace underwear, they should be packed in their bags to avoid rubbing with other clothing. Cold or warm water should be used instead of hot water, because hot water will shrink underwear.

10. Summary

In short, sexy underwear is an important part of women’s private wardrobe.Different types of sexy underwear can bring different feelings and experiences for women, making women feel confident and beautiful.When choosing underwear, you should choose according to your body and preferences, and be careful in maintenance, so that the sexy underwear can be used in a long time.In the new year, give yourself or lover a set of sexy lingerie, and spend a new year full of surprises, passion and romance together.