Fairy underwear model store opening show pictures


Recently, a sexy underwear model store held a grand opening show in the city center. This opening show attracted the attention of many underwear enthusiasts and fashion people.This article will present the opening of this sexy underwear model through text and pictures.

Scenario introduction

The main stage of the opening show is very beautiful and the atmosphere is warm.There is a huge heart -shaped pendant hanging in the center of the main scene, with red pink balloons and flowers around it.The center of the scene is a white carved erotic underwear, showing a unique design and high -quality fabric, which attracts many people to stop and watch.

With Display

The opening show also set up a matching display area to show the perfect combination of sexy underwear and accessories.The display area shows a series of sexy underwear such as fire red, rabbit girls, and student girls, and with accessories such as high heels, shadow stockings, and lace gloves, making the fashionable and personalization of sexy underwear more prominent.

Fashion show

The most popular on the opening show is undoubtedly a fashion show.The models dressed in different colors and styles of sexy underwear, interpreting various different situations and scenes on the runway.The high degree of expression and confidence attracted the warm applause of the audience.

The main style display

As a sexy underwear model, of course, they have to show their main style.In this show, the store showed their most popular new sexy underwear, a white lace sexy underwear, using high -quality fabrics and exquisite craftsmanship, showing a unique sense of design and fashion.

Unified service standard

In addition to the style and quality of sex underwear, the service in the store is also worthy of recognition.The store set up a test room in the exhibition area and provides professional after -sales service.The store also displayed a few photos of sexy beauty wearing sexy underwear in the shop in the trial room, guiding guests to better choose erotic underwear, and correspondingly increased the purchase rate in the store.

Professional answer questions

During the opening show, the sexy underwear model also invited professional underwear consultants to answer the questions and doubts of guests.Many customers find the right style and size with the help of the consultant when they are looking for sexy underwear that are suitable for them.

High -quality product display

In addition to showing the sexy underwear of various styles, the store also shows its own high -quality products.For example, a colorful love socks displayed by the store use the best hair fabric, which is excellent.In addition, the store also provides a variety of cosmetics and skin care products, providing guests with the most perfect services.

Event drawing session

At the end of the opening show, the store also held a lottery to give away a variety of exquisite sexy underwear and accessories.At the same time as many live audiences participating in the event, they also have the opportunity to buy the sexy underwear they like.

in conclusion

The opening show of the sexy underwear model shop this time has successfully attracted many consumers and fashion enthusiasts with its high -quality goods, professional services and exquisite arrangements.I believe that in the future, this store will bring more surprises and innovation to the underwear industry!

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