Chinese Beauty Night Fire Interest Underwear Show

Chinese Beauty Night Fire Interest Underwear Show

China’s sexy underwear market is becoming more mature, which also means that there are more and more choices in the market.On the recent fashion show, Chinese beauty wearing various sexy sexy underwear showed the diversity and novelty of the market to the audience.

Asian style

The first thing to mention is the Asian style, which occupies an important position in the sexy underwear market.Chinese beauty showed a charming and sexy Chinese sexy underwear on the show. These designers created a unique style through exquisite handicrafts and soft colors.

European and American sexy

At the same time, in China’s sexy underwear market, European and American styles also occupy a lot of market share.These sexy erotic underwear design is inspired by Europe and the United States. It uses luxurious materials and smooth lines to show women’s body lines vividly.

Sexy dress

In the sexy underwear market, sexy skirts are one of the very important categories.These are closely wrapped in the body and have various dramatic elements, which can effectively show the beauty and confidence of women.

Perfecting sexy underwear

Performing sexy underwear is an emerging classification of the sexy underwear market in recent years.It shows women’s figure with bold and unique design and surreal perspective. Although these designs are not suitable for daily wear, they are more artistic expression in addition to sexy.

Fairy underwear

Opening gear underwear is also an important classification in the sexy underwear market.Their design is very particular, and they must be balanced between comfort, sexy and practical.They usually include some open or semi -open designs to facilitate various sex games.

Satin underwear

Saton underwear is a very common classification in the sex underwear market.These designs are usually made of soft satin material, and all color tones are mainly soft colors and complex patterns.The satin underwear not only makes the underwear more comfortable to wear, but also shows the more charming and unique side of women.

Leather underwear

Leather underwear is a very unique classification in the Chinese sex lingerie market.These designs are mainly leather fabrics and superb craftsmanship, showing women’s powerful side.However, these designs need to be paired with appropriate clothing, otherwise it is like a set of ordinary leather costumes.

Metal underwear

Metal underwear is an emerging classification in the sex underwear market.These designs are made of metal materials, with different shapes and very futuristic.They usually feel hot, so if you want to try different things sexy, metal underwear may be a good choice.

Colored underwear

Color underwear is another emerging classification in the sex underwear market.In recent years, more and more designers have attracted the attention of young people through bright and colorful colors.These designs can add vitality and passion to women, which is very suitable for young women to wear underwear.


In China’s sexy underwear market, there are more and more exquisite designs, which can meet the needs of different types of women.When buying underwear, remember to pay more attention to different types and designs. Choosing a style that suits you is the most important.

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