Can sexy lingerie be a swimsuit?

1 Introduction

In recent years, sexy underwear has become more and more loved by women. Not only because of its sexy and charm, but more importantly, it can bring a certain psychological relaxation and self -satisfaction.As the temperature rises, swimming has also become a choice for many people.As a result, some women began to discuss whether sexy underwear could be worn as a bathing suit.

2. Different erotic underwear materials

Compared with the swimsuit, the material of sex underwear may be thinner, soft and lacking waterproof function.Even though some underwear advertises its own waterproof function, there is still a certain gap compared to professional swimsuits.In addition, there are more pores in sex underwear. At this time, if you swim in the water, the water will enter the underwear through the pores, making the wearer feel uncomfortable or even painful.

3. The dressing effect under the swimming occasion

Sex underwear is usually designed to show the body and curve of women.However, sexy underwear is used as a bathing suit, and the effect of wearing may not be satisfactory.Normal swimsuit makes people more focused in the process of swimming, and sexy underwear may make people more concerned about the appearance of wearing, affecting the effect of swimming.

4. The comfort when wearing

The design of the swimsuit is to provide better buoyancy and swimming experience in water.The purpose of sexy underwear in design is different.When wearing a sexy lingerie, you may feel different degrees of discomfort or even pain.The swimsuit is more suitable for the human body, and the material will be more comfortable, making people feel more free swimming.

5. Hearing hygiene problems

The swimming pool is a public place, so wearing a sexy underwear will not only make yourself uncomfortable, but also bring sanitary problems to others.Especially women wearing erotic underwear in a physiological period will bring more hidden dangers and have potential health risks to themselves and others.

6. Regulations for different swimming pools

Different swimming pools are also different for wearing.Some swimming pools are not allowed to wear non -swimsuit to get off the water. At this time, wearing a sexy underwear will face the situation where it is stopped or invited.In this case, it is recommended that women choose a professional swimsuit to avoid unnecessary restraint and trouble.

7. The impact on women’s health

Women wearing erotic underwear during menstruation will not only lead to their own discomfort, but also cause some harm to physical health.Because bacteria in water are easy to enter the women’s reproductive system, diseases such as infection may occur.Therefore, it is recommended to reduce this risk.

8. Summary

Although sexy underwear has now become a representative of fashion and beauty, it is not a ideal choice as a swimsuit.Wearing a swimsuit is to swim in the water to be easier, comfortable and safe.Although sexy underwear has a good beauty, it is not a right choice for women’s physical health and wearing experience.Therefore, when we swim in the pool, women are advised to choose a professional swimsuit to ensure our health and wear experience.

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