Monday, March 15, 2021

Stick it to Caesar with a Silver dagger as Wall Street Bets calls for nationwide silver run on the Ides of March

 March 15 has always been a unique day in history as it is known worldwide as the Ides of March.  And while the most famous tragedy tied to this day is of course the assassination of Julius Caesar, one group is hoping to use today as a way to stick it to Wall Street and the bullion banks.

The Reddit group known as Wall Street Bets is calling for everyone to go out and purchase at least one physical ounce of silver today in order to continue bleeding supplies dry.

Unlike a few years ago when Max Kaiser called for people around the world to each buy an ounce of silver in order to attempt to bankrupt JP Morgan, younger investors have been making a concerted effort to go toe to toe against the majority of Wall Street houses.


Good luck. Most of population cant see past their nose. Most boomers are having to continue slaving away at job instead of looking up as their kids refuse to grow up.

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