Wednesday, September 4, 2019

With UK elections on horizon, front runners BoJo and Corbyn mirror Trump and Sanders in political and economic ideologies

Recently, articles depicting Wall Street being deathly afraid of either a Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren Presidency are suddenly being mirrored over in the UK where the potential of snap elections could see the rise of Jeremy Corbyn to the office of Prime Minister.  And while tax the rich and give everyone free stuff schemes from both Warren and Sanders easily label them as Socialists if not Marxists, an interesting promotion coming from Corbyn's Labour Party on Sept. 4 suddenly vaults the leftist politician into this same Marxist air.

This is because a new scheme being promoted by the Labour Party would see homeowners being forced to sell their property to renters at below market cost... or in essence at a loss to the homeowner.

The UK's Labour government would consider a controversial "right-to-buy" scheme to allow millions of renters in the UK to buy their rented homes for a "reasonable" price (aka way below market), according to The Independent, citing the shadow chancellor.  
The idea, first brought up by Jeremy Corbyn during his 2015 bid for party leadership, would force landlords to sell their homes below market prices according to McDonnell. - Zerohedge
Thus the long standing right of individual property ownership is one of many things at risk should Britain vote to return Labour to power after several years of Conservative domination.

But attacks on individual property rights are not the only institutions afraid of a Corbyn victory, and that is because similar to what happened in France when Francois Hollande took power and sought to institute a 100% tax on all earnings above one million euros, wealthy Brits would make a beeline out of the UK and take their money elsewhere.
As Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces the prospect of his rule being cut short, wealthy Britons have a message for Johnson's most likely successor: A 'no deal' Brexit makes no difference to them. But if Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn becomes PM, they will flee in droves, taking their money with them. 
The chairman of one Swiss asset manager who helps wealthy Britons shield their money in tax havens warned that if Johnson is defeated in a snap election, and Corbyn becomes the next PM, it could trigger a wave of capital outflows as the wealthy scramble to move their assets (and themselves) out of the country. - Zerohedge
Meanwhile, Conservative leader Boris Johnson (BoJo) is facing the same full on assault that U.S. President Donald Trump experienced from the Republican Party as globalist and Euro sycophant members of the Torries staged a coup yesterday by voting against their Prime Minister on the subject of Brexit.

In the end the battle between globalism and populism continues to rage in the chambers of Washington and in the corridors of London. And between now and November of 2020 we could see these two countries either become stronger nationalists through the elections of Trump and BoJo, or succumb to the ideology of envy and Marxism through the usurpation of power by either Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn, or even both.


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