Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Jim Willie: Global re-engaging of QE, China's anti-dollar agenda, and Basil III are major factors in an upcoming gold price explosion

With gold prices having been beaten down over the past three weeks from a potential breakout level of $1350, a number of factors in the process of being implemented is projecting that the current downturn will be relatively short.  And according to the latest publication from Hat Trick Newsletter author Dr. Jim Willie, these factors include China, gold, and de-dollarization, the advent of Basil III rules, and central banks realizing that they will soon have to change course from Quantitative Tightening to that of Quantitative Easing.

The Gold suppression game appears finally to be coming to an end. A Perfect Storm is hitting the Gold market, with an internal factor (QE), an external factor (SGE), and a systemic factor (Basel). All three forces are positive in releasing Gold from the corrupt clutches of the Anglo-American banker organization. They have been willing to destroy the global financial structure and many national economies, in order not just to maintain the political power, but also to continue the privilege of granting themselves $trillion free loans. In the last ten years since the Lehman Brothers failure, all systems have undergone the same reckless treatment that the mortgage bonds endured. They saw corrupted underwriting, corrupted title database, rigged market pricing, and corrupted demand functions. Slowly the realization is coming to the fore, stated by a few astute analysts. In the last decade, the US-UK banksters have created the USTreasury bond as the global subprime bond. This is the result of astounding persistent magnificent QE abuse and hidden corruption. The so-called financial stimulus is actually hyper monetary inflation, which has destroyed the bond market. - GoldSeek
Additionally in Dr. Willie's newest writ, a breakdown of the current global financial environment is addressed along with a projection that the days of the dollar remaining as the unipolar reserve currency are quickly ending.


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