Monday, March 25, 2019

Is Lavar Ball Michael Avenatti's 'AAU basketball client' at the heart of $1.5 million extortion?

On Friday March 22, ESPN reported that the Big Baller basketball brand was suddenly scuttled following allegations that Lavar Ball's business partner and co-founder Alan Foster embezzled $1.5 million from the business.  Now just three days later on March 25, infamous 'creepy porn lawyer' Michael Avenatti has been hit with extortion charges stemming from an 'AAU basketball client' whom he is seeking $1.5 million for.

The SDNY has laid out its allegations of extortion against Avenatti - namely, that he tried to extort Nike - during an afternoon press conference.  
After claiming to be working on behalf of an amateur basketball team in the AAU that had recently lost a Nike contract worth some $70,000 a year, Avenatti used "illegal and extortionate threats" to try and secure millions of dollars for himself from Nike. The coach from the team told Avenatti that payments had been made by Nike to high school basketball players. Avenatti threatened to make these allegations public if the company didn't meet his demands - paying his client $1.5 million, while awarding Avenatti and a co-conspirator a multi-million dollar contract to conduct an internal investigation. - Zerohedge
Lavar Ball runs a Chino Hills, CA AAU basketball team under the name of Big Ballers, and would easily have access to information regarding thousands of high school and college athletes in the industry.

Yet while there has been no official mention of who is Michael Avenatti's AAU co-conspirator is, seeing that Lavar Ball is an official competitor to the NIKE brand and the basketball shoe industry as a whole, it would not be beyond the scope of interest to wonder if Ball is the one working with Avenatti, especially in light of the fact that the amount of cash being sought through the alleged extortion of NIKE is the very same amount allegedly embezzled in a different event from the Big Baller company.


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