Sunday, February 24, 2019

The irony of Democrat's tax the rich agenda is that they conspicuously make it to avoid taxing their own massive wealth

Unfortunately in today's world, a large portion of Americans have been programmed to think with their emotions rather than through logical thought.  And thus the media, academics, and politicians can easily sway them like sheep to either like or dislike whatever they desire.

So with this being said, the latest 'critical agenda' item being pushed as an emotional outrage is to once again dredge up how the rich need to pay their 'fair share', and that taxing them into oblivion will solve all of out financial problems.

However what is perhaps the most ironic thing not being discussed is that those in Congress who are calling for a 90% tax on anyone making or even holding more than $10 million is that this number is just under the net worth of the majority of Democrats calling for taxing the rich.

If you break down wealth distribution to percentages, all one needs is to earn $60,000 or more to be considered in the Top 20% of the net worth food chain.  And since according to statistics $8 million of net worth puts one into the top 1%, isn't it interesting that the Cory Booker's, Kamala Harris's, Elizabeth Warren's, and Bernie Sander's of the movement, who happen to be in the top 2 - 5%, make sure under their proposals that they avoid being a part of the rich who get fleeced.

Net Worths:

Bernie Sanders:  $2 million - Top 4% of wealthy

Elizabeth Warren:  $8.3 million - Top 1% of wealthy

Cory Booker:  $1.3 million - Top 5% of wealthy

Kamala Harris:  $1.8 million - Top 5% of wealthy

It is ironic that the majority of individuals who have called for, or implemented Socialism, Marxism, and outright Communism have themselves been part of the elite and upper crust, or became so immediately after this economic system came in.  And perhaps we can simply look at two of Bernie Sander's heroes... Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, who are estimated now or at the time of Chavez's death to each be worth between $4-5 billion, to see that this is always the case.

Just remember, when someone rich calls for taxing the rich, they aren't really ever talking about taxing themselves for their beliefs.... simply ask Warren Buffett who said he wanted to pay more in taxes, but has the best accountants in the world on his staff so he doesn't have to.


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