Thursday, February 14, 2019

Chopping down trees versus hugging them as new poll shows Americans rejecting Green New Deal and going long Capitalism

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is quickly validating her new moniker as a Neiman Marxist by the fact she just moved into a luxurious new condo barely a month after complaining she couldn't afford rent in the DC area.  But that has always been the ways of the Limousine Liberal as they love to decry wealth inequality among the proletariat while they themselves live high off the hog.

So without deciding to take that dark road to investigate how someone like AOC could quickly go from waitress/bartender to prosperous politician in a matter of months, we will instead relish with glee a new poll out on Feb. 13 which shows that Americans don't want the Socialism that she and many of the new Democrats are trying to push,  and instead rally a cheer to the fact that Capitalism is once again rising in the hearts of the masses.

The meteoric rise of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other young progressive politicians has led many to believe that the American public must be warming up to socialism.  But what if that isn’t true at all?  Certainly there is a certain segment of the population that absolutely embraces the message that AOC, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and other socialists are preaching, but could it be possible that the American people as a whole are actually moving in the opposite direction?  According to a shocking Fox News poll that just came out, the percentage of Americans that want the government to leave them alone is going up, and the percentage of Americans that want the government to lend them a hand is going down… 
The 34 percent saying “lend me a hand” is down from 41 percent last year and 39 percent in 2016. The 55 percentwho would tell the government “leave me alone” is up from 51 percent in 2018 and 54 percent in 2016. 
The survey also found that the percentage of Americans that have a positive view of capitalism is more than twice as high as the percentage of Americans that have a positive view of socialism… 
Fifty-seven percent of voters have a positive opinion of capitalism. That’s more than twice the number who feel the same about socialism (25 percent). Some of the groups most likely to have a favorable view of socialism include self-identified liberals (50 percent), Clinton voters (43 percent), and those under age 30 (36 percent). – End of the American Dream

Sadly, it is this very same government which is now pushing for Socialism that also brought about the shame by which income inequality has turned the term Capitalism into a disparaging word.  This is because America is far more Fascist than Capitalist thanks to the advent of the central bank and cronyism by elected officials.

But history has proven time and time again that free markets have brought more people out of poverty than any other economic system (see China today), and that those who have been able to instill Socialism into their culture have nothing to show for it but ruined economies and a hundred of million dead citizens.


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