Monday, October 1, 2018

September saw trend continue of cryptocurrency bloodbath across the sector

As we enter into October, the past three months have not been kind the cryptocurrency sector as a whole.  And while crypto's like Bitcoin have remained relatively stable in a range between $6000 - $6500, ones like Ethereum were hit so hard they lost their spot as the second best crypto in market cap size.

September Cryptocurrency Winners:
XRP is one of the few altcoins to emerge at the end of September higher than it started. A 70% surge saw XRP rise to $0.58 from $0.34 over the month. Renewed investor interest came from the upcoming launch of Ripple products based on its native token. 
XLM also made good in September rising from $0.225 to $0.260. The 15% climb makes Stellar one of the few winners in a very bearish month. It did not dump as hard and fast as other cryptos when they all hit a low point. – News BTC
Other winners were Bitcoin Gold - + 23%, Tezos - + 8%, and Dogecoin - + 14%.

September Cryptocurrency Losers:
Ethereum has been in pain throughout the month starting off at close to $300 and ending at $230. The 20% drop has sent ETH prices tumbling back to summer 2017 levels. ETH dropped to $170 on September 12 and lost out second place to XRP a couple of times during the month. 
Bitcoin Cash shrunk by 5% or so during the month as it fell from $560 to $530 with a low of $415 on the twelfth. It has since started a recovery from those lows but is still way down from previous months. 
EOS lost around 12% during September falling from $6.60 to $5.80 with a couple of dips down to $4.70 in between. It has shown recovery but dumped just as quickly wiping out any gains. Litecoin also lost out with a 4.8% fall to just above $60 by month end. LTC plummeted to $48 on the twelfth but has since recovered from that annual low point.
Other losers in September included: Cardano, Monero, and Dash. 


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