Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Researchers believe that cryptocurrency mining could affect global warming even more than coal burning

If people felt that the global warming propaganda couldn't get any worse, researchers from the University of Hawaii have taken it to the next level as a new study published on Oct. 29 concluded that Bitcoin mining could inevitably raise global temperatures by 2 Degrees making it a far worse threat than even that of coal burning.

Thanks to the massive amount of electricity needed to mine cryptocurrency, adopting bitcoin on a society-wide basis could raise global temperatures by two degrees Celsius in just 15 years, according to a new study. 
Researchers at the University of Hawaii calculated the electrical efficiency of the computers used in bitcoin mining as well as the emissions generated by producing electricity in those quantities and estimated that cryptocurrency-mining in 2017 emitted 69 million metric tons of CO2 – as much as 15 coal-fired power plants. 
Further calculations indicate that if bitcoin and other cryptos are adopted globally at the slowest rate at which new technologies are generally assimilated, carbon emissions from the mining could warm the planet two degrees in 22 years. If adopted at an average rate, such a rise would only take 16 years. Given the burgeoning popularity of cryptos, driven in part by declining faith in government-backed currencies, some predict the technology will catch on even faster. - Russia Today
Cryptocurrency mining has already enacted serious consequences to local power grids, as seen in Plattsburgh, NY where the town council banned crypto mining due to the fact that residents were suddenly having to pay higher energy costs due to the necessity of having to import extra electricity.

While the mining of cryptocurrencies does tax energy ecosystems quite a bit, it is extremely unlikely that in any way, shape, or form they are a catalyst for the global warming hype being propagated by scientists around the world.  But like the way corporations try to blame the weather whenever they have bad earnings to report, so too is the psuedo-science community grasping at any straw possible to push the propaganda that man is primary cause for making the world burn.


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