Tuesday, October 9, 2018

New Zealand no longer friendly to libertarians or cryptocurrency holders as new regulations force tourists to give customs their device passwords

While the elite have been cultivating bugout locations on the island of New Zealand over the past few years, new regulations given to the Customs Office on Oct. 2 may have suddenly made the country no longer friendly to Libertarians or owners of cryptocurrencies.  This is because the newly passed Customs and Excise Act of 2018 gives the government the authority to demand full access to any of your electronic devices as well as to passwords for your bank account information.

This week the New Zealand Customs Service received new powers at the country's borders, including the ability to demand passwords from travellers to search their electronic devices if they are suspected of committing a customs offence, in what amounts to a digital strip-search. 
Travellers who fail to hand over passwords to their phones and tablets will be hit with a fine of US$3,300 (RM13,600). Customs officers have always been able to search a passenger's laptop or phone, but the Customs and Excise Act 2018 – which come into effect this week – specifies that passengers must now hand over their password. 
The legislation states that a customs officer now has the power to make a “full search of a stored value instrument”, including power to “require a user of the instrument to provide access information and other information or help that is reasonable and necessary to allow a person to access the instrument”. – The Star
Customs offices in most countries have already made it extremely difficult to transport your wealth, either in the form of bonds, gold, or even cash from one nation to another under the guise of money laundering or simply out of fear of capital flight.  And New Zealand is not alone in demanding full access to your electronic devices as even the United States has passed legislation allowing its customs officials to demand the same, or outright seize your property.

So for holders of cryptocurrency who desire to carry their crypto wallets on a laptop or jump drive when they travel, just realize that very soon nearly every country will be demanding access to that wallet or account when you travel across borders.


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