Wednesday, October 3, 2018

IMF Chief desperately works to protect globalism by saying that nations cannot be sovereign or self sufficient

As the Populist movement sits on the cusp of taking down two more globalist leaders in the UK and Germany, the head of the IMF on Oct. 2 made a desperate plea for nations to remain under the yoke of globalism by saying that it is impossible for them to be self-sufficient.

Citing a mythical creature of the seas as her premise for nations to continue to give up some or all of their sovereignty for the good of a world, Christine Lagarde joins many others in the establishment trying to hold back the tide of what will surely be an inevitable breakup of the European experiment.

“History shows that, while it is tempting to sail alone, countries must resist the siren call of self-sufficiency — because as the Greek legends tell us, that leads to shipwreck,” she said, without naming countries that are putting up new barriers. – Silver Doctors
Lagarde's comments come in the wake of Italy challenging the EU bureaucracy by originally voting to allow for debt expansion above the mandated levels established by the un-elected officials in Brussels.  And while earlier today the Italian government backtracked on their original budget proposal, it appears to only be a temporary victory for the EU as more and more countries rebel against their policies in the wake of the worldwide populist movement.

Besides the EU, many other 'global' institutions are under threat such as NATO, the World Trade Organization (WTO), and the establishment's desire for trade agreements such as TPP and NAFTA.  And with many in the East already implementing bi-lateral trade agreements that not only bypass the dollar but also don't require any internal policy changes to their financial systems such as through austerity, the IMF Chief's words are very much a last ditch act of desperation because even her vaunted organization itself has been summarily replaced with a new and better one centered in Beijing.


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