Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Canada turns over a new leaf as nation set to become better known for cannabis than for maple syrup

Perhaps Canada should declare a proclamation changing the Maple Leaf on their flag to that of a Cannabis Leaf as on Oct. 17 the nation became the first to officially legalize marijuana across its domain.

Canada on Wednesday became the first major world economy to legalize recreational marijuana, beginning a national experiment that will alter the country’s social, cultural and economic fabric, and present the nation with its biggest public policy challenge in decades. – NY Times
Canada is the first country to accept the economic and medicinal potential that cannabis provides, and is at the forefront of not only recognizing its potential as both an import and export industry, but also as a segment of the economy that could spawn massive growth in areas such a cuisine, medicine, and recreation.

Additionally, Canada is also permitting its mail system to process shipments directly to consumers which adds the potential for online commerce expansion in this burgeoning industry.
Legal cannabis is set to usher in a wave of high-value, age-restricted parcels in the mail system, and delivery companies say they’re ready. 
The test of the system will come as Ontario relies entirely on the postal system for deliveries when pot is legalized on Wednesday while other provinces expect to see a fair portion of sales from online. 
All provinces will require strict age verification of deliveries, but a combination of existing practices and new systems will help Purolator with the challenge, said Ramsey Mansour, vice-president of corporate strategy and marketing at the company. – Global News
Legalization of both hemp and cannabis could very soon blossom into a trillion industry, and be a much safer alternative to the monopolies held by Big Pharma and Big Agriculture.  And just like in how alcohol prohibition failed because you can't legislate morality, it may be only a matter of time before nations like the U.S., Mexico, and even the EU find the political will to legalize cannabis in their own domains. 


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