Monday, September 24, 2018

President Trump ready to expand immigration battle to deport green card holders who rely primarily on welfare

Besides the fact that welfare and safety nets are a relatively new thing for even the American people (50 years), the Trump administration has found that immigrants living in, or vying for citizenship in the U.S. are themselves receiving vast amounts of welfare contrary to federal law.  And in a statement made on Sept. 23, the President is looking at formulating a new policy in which he would deport green card holding immigrants if they are found to be relying too heavily on government assistance.

Annual cost to the U.S. from illegal aliens
The Trump administration is moving to fulfill another of President Trump's campaign promises by implementing more restrictions on legal immigration by deporting green-card holders who rely too heavily on federal government programs like food stamps. According to the Associate Press, the Department of Homeland Security published a 447-page proposal on Saturday outlining its plans to expand restrictions that would disqualify legal immigrants from obtaining a green card if they rely too heavily on Medicaid, food stamps, housing vouchers and other forms of public assistance. According to US law, applicants must prove they won't become a "public charge" - that they wouldn't derive more than half their income from government programs - to achieve green-card status. Under the proposal, the federal government would begin factoring in non-monetary benefits like food stamps and Section 8 housing benefits. - Zerohedge
When the U.S. experienced its last 'big wave' of immigration a little over 100 years ago, there was no such thing as a welfare system open to these incoming immigrants, and in fact there was not even an expectation by those coming to America that they would be able to be reliant upon the government for much of anything.  Thus the primary safety net system for new arriving immigrants came in the way of 'Patrons' from each of the different cultural communities which helped them to find jobs, living quarters, and language programs.

And these 'Patrons' or community leaders were part of a huge political machine known as Tammany Hall, which ironically began a trend used today by the Democratic Party to provide assistance to immigrants in return for their votes.
In the 1800s, Tammany Hall provided immigrants, especially Irish immigrants, with basic social services. This included helping immigrants find jobs, housing, and food, along with occasional financial and legal help. As a result of these services, the immigrants served by Tammany Hall became a powerful Democratic voting bloc in New York City. - Study
Today it is considered a 'smear' to claim that the Democratic party wants wide open immigration, both legal and illegal, in order to boost their voting base in cities that they control.  However we know from history that this was done on a large scale during the last great wave of immigration by the Democrats in order to control power, only this time their key offering had been through the use of welfare rather than in the creation of jobs.


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