Friday, September 7, 2018

NFL opening night ratings mirror Nike's stock chart following their mutual support of Colin Kaepernick

Last night saw the Superbowl champion Philadelphia Eagles battle the Atlanta Falcons on opening night for the NFL season.  And despite the fact that it was the first and only football game on television, television ratings for the broadcast dropped to their lowest level in nearly a decade.

Days after the NFL issued a statement in support of controversial new Nike spokesman Colin Kaepernick (who is suing the league), ratings for last night's season opener between the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles and the Atlanta Falcons dropped to its lowest level since 2009. 
NBC announced a 13.4 overnight rating - a drop of over 8% over last year, and nearly 25% since 2015, marking the third year of declines. - Zerohedge
Ironically, the NFL is not the only Kaepernick supporter to see the value of their product decline over the past few days as the NFL's atrocious rating is right in line with Nike's 3% decline since Friday.

For the same reasons consumers are ditching ESPN (by the amount of 7 million subscribers over the past five years), so too are they ditching the NFL and any celebrity or business that infuses activism, racism, or politics into what was meant to be entertainment through sports.  And perhaps no one can show this paradigm shift better than the instigator of it all himself.


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