Thursday, September 20, 2018

German businesses press government to pivot away from U.S. and towards Russia and Eurasia

With President Donald Trump hell bent on U.S. protectionism and Making America Great Again at the expense of the status quo, a coalition of German businesses are responding to this by pressing Chancellor Angela Merkel to pivot away from Washington and more towards the growing region that is Eurasia.

Over the past few weeks President Trump has threatened Germany over the lifeblood of their economy by hinting that the U.S. was prepared to sanction them over their continued partnership with Russia in the installation of the Nordstream pipeline.  Additionally, Washington has also threatened all European nations with sanctions should they continue doing business with Iran.

The German business community has urged the German government to strengthen its cooperation with the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) as a means to respond to the threat of protectionism stemming from the United States, head of the German Eastern Business Association said. 
"The EU's best response to the growing protectionist threat is free trade agreements with as many countries and regions as possible. After successful EU negotiations with South Korea, Canada and Japan and statements on agreements with MERCOSUR [South American trade bloc] and Africa, we, unfortunately, do not see any new efforts to cooperate with the EAEU," head of the German Eastern Business Association (OAOEV) Wolfgang Buechele said Thursday in a statement. 
Buechele stressed that complex political relations with Russia should not hinder trade relations with the EAEU and lead to further downtime. – Sputnik News
Unfortunately for the U.S., it is quickly becoming apparent that their protectionism is not limited to their own shores and that Washington feels that it is their right to impose their will upon other nations like Germany when it comes to their own economy.  And if this trend continues, then there is a very good possibility that Germany will pivot over into Russia's camp, and the President Trump will get his wish for isolation much faster than anyone expects.


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