Friday, September 7, 2018

Despite the extreme downturn in prices, 72 percent of consumers surveyed report they intend to invest in cryptocurrencies within next 12 months

While the Bitcoin craze of 2017 is now long gone, it appears that interest in cryptocurrencies is still growing.  And the only question that remains is in which sector of the industry will cryptos find the most support?

According to a new survey conducted on Sept. 5 by SharePost, 72% of consumers questioned said they are expecting to accumulate a cryptocurrency within the next 12 months, with most believing the prices will recover at some point in the near future.

Cryptocurrency prices have seesawed over the past several months. Nevertheless, 59 percent of investors and 72 percent of consumers plan to increase their holdings over the next 12 months. Majority of respondents expect crypto valuations to increase over the next 12 months though investors were less bullish than in our previous survey. 57 percent of investors and 66 percent of consumers expect growth in crypto valuations over the next year. – Share Post
What has changed alot since last year is the fact that more and more cryptocurrencies coming out are being backed by tangible assets such as gold, silver, diamonds, and even land.  And investors will certainly be more amenable to buying a crypto that has the potential for profit without the volatility that unbacked cryptos have exhibited now, and in the past.


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