Sunday, September 9, 2018

As the war in Syria appears to be coming to an end, Tehran once again holds a summit to discuss a new world order without the dollar

One of the biggest reasons why history is so fascinating is because it tends to repeat itself in so many ways.  And one great example took place on Sept. 7 where leading nations involved in ending the war in Syria met in Tehran to discuss a new 'order' in the aftermath of the conflict.

Yet why this meeting on Friday in Tehran is so remarkable is that exactly 75 years ago, an alliance of nations also met in the capital of Iran which involved many of the very same countries who met just a few days ago...

Russia (then the Soviet Union), Iran, and Turkey.

1943 - Tehran Conference
Iran and Turkey were discussed in detail. Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin all agreed to support Iran's government, as addressed in the following declaration: 
The Three Governments realize that the war has caused special economic difficulties for Iran, and they all agreed that they will continue to make available to the Government of Iran such economic assistance as may be possible, having regard to the heavy demands made upon them by their world-wide military operations, and to the world-wide shortage of transport, raw materials, and supplies for civilian consumption - Wikipedia
2018 - Tehran Conference
On Friday, the leaders of the Syrian ceasefire guarantor states — Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan — held a trilateral summit in the Iranian capital of Tehran. The situation in Syria's Idlib and peace settlement process in Syria were at the heart of the discussions. – Sputnik News
Yet perhaps what is most interesting, and indubitably the major difference between the two conferences, is that the United States was not invited to the 2018 conference. And in fact the U.S. was actually a primary topic of discussion between these three nations, or rather, its currency was, and how de-dollarization is more and more becoming a necessity for the new world order to achieve peace and prosperity.
According to the Iranian Labor News Agency (ILNA), the use of national currencies is needed to reduce dollar's influence on the economies and trade of the three countries. 
"We have decided to proceed with further work in light of the agreements reached at a meeting with the Russian Central Bank governor in Moscow," Hemmati was quoted as saying by the news outlet. 
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov previously described the US dollar as a lever of pressure, saying that Washington uses when it "wants to punish someone."
The U.S. currently has 10% of the world's economies under some form of sanctions, and over two billion of the world's population living under some form of economic restriction.  And the right of the U.S. to control and manage the global reserve currency is quickly losing strength as country's around the world say they have finally had enough.


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