Wednesday, September 26, 2018

A unique family shows how America's education system is one of the biggest wastes of time and money

In the wake of an entire generation of Americans who are extremely debt ridden and vastly under-educated because of the fallacy that one must get a Degree of higher learning to succeed, one unique family is proving that from Kindergarten to College, America's education system in its current form is one of the most wasteful expenses perhaps in history.

And the reason we say this family is unique is because they represent three different paradigms of education in that the Mother taught at a public school, a daughter home schooled her children, and the patriarch of the family didn't have much education at all.

Education is important to my family. My mom Jaci was a 5th-grade public school teacher for 19 years, before retiring in June. 
My sister Jen chose to homeschool her children in a “free-range” parenting style. Ironically, she was valedictorian of her public high school class. She got an academic scholarship to Providence College. 
In contrast, my dad Harry never learned a thing in school. He taught himself how to rebuild cars as a teen. He dropped out of college. He got a job machining metal parts and eventually became self-employed in the same field. – Daily Bell
Below is a video discussion on the different education models and why the primary system does not work.

Ironically even President Trump came out during his campaign and asserted that the cost to the U.S. taxpayers for K-12 education was a waste, especially from the results that the public gets from this system.
While Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was campaigning recently in Cleveland -- not for the first time, and surely not the last down the election’s home stretch -- he made a stop at a charter school. 
Public schools, he said, are wasting taxpayers’ money. 
"Let’s run through the numbers. At the state and federal level, the United States spends more than $620 billion dollars on K-12 education each year," Trump said on Sept. 8, 2016. "That’s an average of about $12,296 dollars for every student enrolled in our elementary and secondary public schools. The federal government pays for about 10 percent of the K-12 costs. The other roughly $560 billion dollars spent on K -12 education comes from the states themselves. We spend more per student than almost any other major country in the world. And we’re doing very poorly in terms of A-list." - Politifact
Below is a chart showing where U.S. students rank globally in multiple categories.

The bottom line is that education is vastly important to economic success, but how one receives that education can mean the difference between achievement or lifelong struggle.  And just as many successful businessmen and entrepreneurs made their wealth back in the 19th and 20th century's without even having so much as an 8th grade education, so too are many individuals succeeding greatly without ever going to a public school, especially since nearly everything one needs is out there on the internet at virtually no cost.


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