Friday, August 31, 2018

Vilification of whites around the world continues as even the IMF publicly supports black government theft of lands and property in South Africa

Over the past two decades, Western politicians and ideologues have begun a vast crusade to vilify white culture and civilization, and to also work towards destroying their economic model of capitalism.  And now we can now add the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to this list as on Aug. 31, the global banking agency gave its public approval for the South African black government to confiscate (steal) long held lands owned by white farmers.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) approves of South Africa’s controversial land reform as long as the highly contentious process is “rules-based” and transparent, according to the fund’s representative in the country. 
Montfort Mlachila, the IMF’s senior resident representative in South Africa, said that the regulation must not damage agricultural output and put at risk food supplies for the country’s citizens. 
“We are in full support of the need to undertake land reforms in order to address the issues of inequality,” Mlachila said in an interview with Reuters. – Russia Today
It appears that the IMF did not learn the lessons of two decades before in the nation of Zimbabwe when their own former dictator Robert Mugabi seized lands owned by white citizens and subsequently destroyed the 'bread basket' of Africa through his actions.  In fact in 2005, the IMF finally admitted defeat after years of supporting the Magabi regime through loans and money, and pulled out of the country.
On December 3, the IMF, Zimbabwe’s most important source of development funding, announced that it is beginning disciplinary "compulsory withdrawal" procedures against Zimbabwe, a strong and rarely applied form of censure that could eventually lead to the country’s expulsion from the IMF. "Zimbabwe has not cooperated with the fund," says Doris Ross, division chief of the IMF’s Africa department. - CFR
While there is no dispute that the end of Apartheid has led to greater political and economic freedoms for blacks living in South Africa, the installation of radical leaders such as Zuma and now Ramaphosa has proven no different than when Zimbabwe was seized by Magabi decades ago, and history has proven that revolutionaries are ill fit to run government administrations.

(See Castro, Lenin, and even Mao)
“This is the first time I have felt anxious about the future,” (immediately following the death of Nelson Mandela) admitted Leon Louw, a prominent anti-apartheid activist and executive director of the South Africa-based Free Market Foundation. He told WND that throughout all of the turmoil in South Africa in recent decades, “We never felt pessimistic, we felt optimistic all along, but now, I feel worried for the first time.” 
Today, he said, “most government positions, most of the cabinet are … the ultra-left, socialists and communists.” 
Officially, about 25 percent of South Africans are out of work, double that from 1994. If one counts “discouraged workers,” the real rate is closer to 40 percent. 
Experts who spoke with WND pointed out that official figures do not tell the whole picture because large numbers of South Africans work outside the formal economy, at least partly due to burdensome government labor-market regulations. 
However, there is little doubt that the nation has a massive and chronic unemployment problem affecting all races, and especially blacks, despite intensifying “black economic empowerment” schemes. - WND 
The bottom line is that when a nation criminalizes or destroys its producers in favor of the have nots, neither the government nor those who seize the means of production are capable of improving upon, or even keeping the status quo.  And with the IMF now giving its full support for land confiscation and theft from these same producers in South Africa, one has to one wonder what greater agenda lies in the mind of the globalists when they know the outcome will be another Zimbabwe.


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