Monday, August 13, 2018

Strozk three, you're out! FBI agent involved in trying to overthrow President Trump finally fired from agency

After denying his dozens of texts inferring that he and other FBI personnel were working on ways to ensure Donald Trump would never become President, on Aug. 13 the arrogant and beleaguered agent was finally fired this morning for conduct unbecoming.

Strozk's termination follows a June report that he was physically escorted out of an FBI building despite still being employed by the agency.  
Shortly after the report, Strzok's Goelman confirmed the report saying that Strzok was escorted from the building amid an internal review of his conduct. 
"Pete has steadfastly played by the rules and respected the process, and yet he continues to be the target of unfounded personal attacks, political games and inappropriate information leaks," his attorney Aitan Goelman said in a statement. 
In the same letter, Goelman complained about the "impartiality of the disciplinary process, which now appears tainted by political influence." 
In other words, Peter Strzok - who vowed to "stop" Trump, was the victim of political bias according to his attorney. - Zerohedge
Out of all the FBI agents who have ties and evidence in being part of a conspiracy to overthrow a duly elected and sitting President, Peter Strozk may have had the most influence of them all.  And that is because he was not only involved in the Hillary Clinton email investigation which was quashed in the attempt to ensure she won the election, but his name is stamped on the illegally garnered FISA warrants which allowed the FBI to wiretap the Trump campaign based on the Steele Dossier purchased by Hillary Clinton's own campaign.

Lastly, it is easy to forget that Strozk was originally part of the Special Council meant to tie the President to Russian interference in the election until it became public that tweets between him and his lover blatantly showed his part in working towards making sure Trump would never win the election.


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