Friday, August 31, 2018

SJW's miss the boat entirely as having to get a college Degree is one of the biggest control mechanisms of the 'Patriarchy'

Life is full of ironies, and perhaps one of the biggest to emerge over the past decade is how young people from the Millennial generation are learning their hate and intolerance of the Establishment or 'Patriarchy' at the very institutions that these authorities use as a control mechanism over society.

College Degrees are little more than pieces of paper used to separate and divide one portion of society from another.  In fact where once they provided individuals with a modicum of respect and achievement for the work, dedication, and commitment they accomplished, now they have become so prevalent that they are virtually given out as prizes from a box of Cracker Jack.

America's rise to greatness was not done with the majority of individuals having college Degrees, as at the height of American power in the 1960's, the country saw less than 10% of its population have a diploma of higher learning, and less than 50% even having a high school diploma.

Black line represents a college Degree while blue line represents a high school diploma

Yet despite not having a college Degree, or even a high school diploma, one could easily get a good paying job working on an assembly line, at an auto manufacturer, in a trade like welding and carpentry.  In fact most small businesses that were opened up back then were done so by people who  didn't have a Degree or high school education.  And since we were still on a gold/silver standard, the purchasing power of money was such that one could even make a living surviving on a minimum wage salary.

Today however, demand for college Degrees has become entrenched in the status quo, especially in large part due to their being a vital plank in the Civil Rights movement of five decades ago.  And the push towards getting a Degree at all costs has even become a mantra for the Feminist movement as now more women graduate college each year than men do.

So what was once considered a unique achievement in society has become nothing more than a push by the ideologues to bring in more and more youth to indoctrinate to their agendas, and where the Education industry is more than happy to get more and more students because they are now subsidized by government and taxpayer monies.

Thus the only big winners in the college Degree game are the Universities who get richer from the government subsidizing your tuition, and and the Establishment who now holds you enslaved under a bondage of debt.

Freedom from the status quo does not come from doing what society and the Establishment tells you which you must do, but from self perseverance in what you are good at and what you are worth to society in your contribution.  To wit, there is a reason why Robert Kyosaki's book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad is one of the all-time best sellers, because success does not come from doing what society wants you to do in life, but in doing what life itself offers you through its myriad of opportunities.


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