Thursday, August 16, 2018

Ivy league Professor wishes for economic crash simply so Trump will lose in 2020

You have to wonder what the value of an Ivy League education is worth these days when they will give out Law Degrees to the barely literate Maxine Waters, and of course an Economics Degree to the completely ignorant Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  But judging from recent remarks from an Associate Economics Professor from Cornell University, perhaps we don't to wonder much at all.

This is because Professor Steven Kyle wrote in an op-ed recently that he wishes for the next economic collapse to occur soon so that it might kill the chances of Donald Trump winning the Presidency again in 2020.

I hope to god we have a downturn when Donald Trump goes up for reelection. The political models say that rate of change is highly correlated to throwing out an incumbent. Not that I hope for people to lose jobs, but I sure do hope for all our sake's we get rid of that guy. - Salon
And Trump Derangement Syndrome motors on. 

We wonder if Professor Kyle had the integrity to speak out against Obamacare, or if his economic knowledge is limited to just political motivations rather than through the study of real statistical data.


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